Steve Angel Net Worth – How Much Does He Earn?

If you’re curious about the Steve Angel net worth, you’ve come to the right place. This billionaire has a reputation for taking risks and building community. Unlike many other investors, he’s never shied away from risk or adversity. After all, he grew up in a trailer park and had to find his passion. During his time in the Air National Guard, he developed advanced leadership skills that he used to pay for college. He also discovered his passion in technology and business, and founded several companies.

The average compensation package for CEOs of LINDE PLC in 2019 was $10,149,589. Stephen F. Angel received a total compensation package worth $22,498,478 for 2019. He received over a quarter of his compensation in the form of stock awards. He also received a non equity incentive plan and a $3.6 million pension value. Angel also received $1.5 Million in salary and $358K other compensation in 2019.

The most lucrative business in Angel’s personal life is his stake in Praxair, a $11 billion industrial gases company with over 27,000 employees in 50 countries. Angel has been the company’s chairman and CEO since January 2007. He was previously the chief executive officer. He joined the company in 2001 as an executive vice president. He was responsible for the company’s businesses in North America, Europe and Healthcare. From there, he rose to the position of president and chief operating officer.

Angel will be succeeding Wolfgang Reitzle, the company’s Chairman and CEO. Reitzle, who served for almost 20 years at Linde, will step down from his position. Sanjiv Lamba was appointed Chief Operating Officer and will join Linde’s Board of Directors. In addition to being CEO, Angel is a member of the US-China Business Council. According to Bloomberg, he received around 22 million dollars in management bonuses in 2017.

Steve Angel Net Worth – How Much Does He Earn?
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