Steve Aud

Steve Aud – Alcohol Use Disorder Counselor

Untreated alcohol use disorder (AUD) can have devastating repercussions for one’s health, relationships and career. Treatment typically entails both behavioral and medical approaches.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and self-help groups are two effective behavioral treatments for Auditory Processing Disorder. Medication may also be prescribed to address coexisting mental illnesses and lessen symptoms associated with AUD.

Early Life and Education

Steve Aud, as a child and teenage, found great pleasure in reading and English literature. This passion combined with an active imagination allowed him to craft several story ideas into novels such as Dawn of Kolaen. Additionally, during his formative years and teenage years, Steve developed an avid passion for sports such as hockey and basketball that further nurtured his writing talent.

Steve’s early life and education shaped his decision to pursue a career in education. He started teaching in a district with many English Language Learners (ELL), prompting him to study ELL research which ultimately lead to him creating his acclaimed ELL Critical Data Process.

Steve enjoys reading fiction in his free time and keeps fit through regular gym visits and jogging sessions.

Professional Career

Steve is highly respected among his colleagues and enjoys an extensive professional network, which has proven immensely valuable to his clients. His outstanding negotiating abilities, attention to detail, and professionalism have allowed him to expand his business rapidly.

Steve needed a wake-up call, and an injurious football injury provided it. Though he had competed at national levels since adolescence in running and triathlon events, Matty White from South Australia became his coach to develop new endeavors and pursue his dreams.

Kilbey is best known as the lead vocalist and bassist of dream rock outfit The Church; however, he has also released numerous solo albums which draw upon elements of psychedelic and glam rock music. Additionally, he has collaborated on several projects with singer/songwriter Elektra Jansson.

Personal Life

Steve Aud lives in New York City with his partner and children. An avid runner, he is passionate about helping children out of poverty – having raised over $1.3 million for Ugandan and South African children alone! Additionally, Steve serves on both boards at Marlene Meyerson JCC of Manhattan and Penn State Hillel.

Steve attributes his recovery from tinnitus to sound therapy and expert guidance from Suzanne at Treble Health. Suzanne advised him on ways to distract his mind and break free of negative thinking loops while explaining that habituation takes time; eventually Steve reached Stage 2, when he would sometimes forget his tinnitus existed – an important milestone on his journey.

Net Worth

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Steve Smith uses his stock portfolio as another means of measuring his net worth. His diverse stock holdings include companies like Koala Mattress, an online mattress retailer. In addition, he owns several luxury cars and invests in real estate (including his new home in Sydney’s Balmain area) as well as having invested in startups like Koala Mattress and Crypto Currency Trading Platform (CCTP).

Steve Aud
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