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UMSL Provost Steve Berberich

As Senior Vice President and Provost at UMSL, Berberich oversees faculty and staff affairs. Prior to that role, he served as Associate Provost for Faculty & Staff Affairs at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio.

He was one of the USA’s Top Ten Energy Leaders in 2014, known for his work in renewable resource integration as well as installing industry-leading power management systems and expanding wholesale markets into western US states.

Early Life and Education

Berberich serves as CEO and president of California ISO, which manages the power grid and wholesale markets for 32 million people in western United States. Under his direction, California ISO has successfully integrated record amounts of renewable energy while expanding power markets to better benefit consumers in this region.

Berberich had served as associate provost and professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio where he played an integral part in creating their Center for Engagement, Teaching & Learning.

Berberich’s tenure at the university has seen him spearhead initiatives to assist students in their academic pursuits, promote innovation and diversity within the culture, as well as establish partnerships with international organizations that enhance student life experiences.

Professional Career

As president of the California Independent System Operator, Berberich oversees that only the required energy is flowing through power lines – an enormous responsibility in one of the world’s biggest economies that strives towards an ambitious zero-carbon energy future.

He pioneered industry-leading energy management and market systems, reduced fossil fuel dependence and expanded wholesale markets throughout the region. Furthermore, he championed redesigning resource adequacy programs as well as increasing energy storage capacities.

Berberich joined UHCL in 2021 as the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, taking over for Glen A. Houston who had held this role since 2007. Prior to UHCL he served as Associate Provost for Faculty & Staff Affairs at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio while also acting as CEO of Molecular Oncology Diagnostics LLC.

Achievement and Honors

Berberich is an internationally recognized expert on electric grid operations and markets, renewable technologies and information technology. With 38 years of experience ranging from utility leadership, business consulting, financial services and banking.

He played an essential role in modernizing the power grid to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and shaping energy policy to encourage innovative new ways of producing and consuming electricity. Recognized as one of the United States’ 10 most influential energy leaders in 2014, he led ISO through several major initiatives – installing industry-leading energy management and market systems, welcoming more renewable resources than anywhere else around the world and more than tripling renewable resource investments than anywhere else in North America.

He also directed the ISO to assume reliability coordinator responsibilities for most of the Western Interconnection, providing real-time compliance functions to balance authorities and transmission operators responsible for 87 percent of Western US load. Furthermore, he frequently speaks out on challenges facing 21st century grids both domestically and abroad.

Personal Life

Berberich has long resided in Healdsburg, California and is an avid wine enthusiast. His ideal day involves starting off his day at Costeaux Bakery before heading over to J Vineyards & Winery for some sparkling wine tasting.

Berberich was named one of America’s ten most influential energy leaders in 2014 and frequently speaks nationally and internationally on 21st-century grid topics. He is widely acclaimed for installing industry-leading energy management and market systems that reduce fossil fuel dependence while welcoming new resources into power markets.

He is happily married to Elizabeth and has two children: Carrie and Michael. Additionally, he is proud of being the grandpa to Clint Persons, Janette Gilley, Dale Buchko (AJ Buchko), Lissa Connelly as well as serving on the Board of Onward Energy.

Net Worth

Berberich brings over 38 years of expertise to electric grid operations and markets, renewable energy technologies and cyber security. He currently serves as President and CEO of California Independent System Operator Corporation.

Berberich’s leadership has transformed CAISO into an organization admired for operational excellence by customers, regulators and industry stakeholders. He is widely credited with installing industry-leading energy management and market systems that reduce reliance on fossil fuels while opening wholesale markets to new resources.

CocoFinder allows users to search for possible phone numbers and addresses of Berberich in California and Kentucky; both states being his most likely places of residency. He graduated with both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

Steve Berberich
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