Steve Blackledge

Steve Blackledge

Steve Blackledge is an esteemed journalist who has won multiple awards throughout his career. He has contributed articles for various Ohio publications including Columbus Dispatch. Furthermore, Steve was named seven-time prep sportswriter of the year by Sportswriter Magazine.

He has played an instrumental role in setting and shifting industry standards and paradigms, while creating and overseeing a digital/interactive media degree program.

Early Life and Education

Steve Blackledge hails from Lansing, Michigan where he attended public schools before studying at Michigan Technological University in Houghton. Before becoming a newspaper writer – winning seven Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association writer of the year awards as well as working at various local jobs – Steve held various local jobs including working at multiple local restaurants before making the leap into newspaper writing full time for Columbus Dispatch, Delaware Gazette and Lake County Telegraph among many others.

He and Linda enjoy spending time with their two children, Rhiannon and Holden. Together, they enjoy wearing Hawaiian and dad joke shirts while spending quality time with their children. He advocates for unsupervised viewing of PG-13 movies for children. He and Linda even joined Cartman for dinner during Episode “1%”, where they discussed differences between Witch Week and Crack and Jack Week.

Professional Career

Blackledge has served as Environment America’s Director of Media since 2015; prior to this role he spent 34 years covering Ohio prep and college sports as a writer for Ohio prep and college media outlets and the Columbus Dispatch as editor and sportswriter (chief prep beat writer).

Blackledge suffered greatly upon arriving in Kansas City just as Kenney began making waves at his position, which proved detrimental. Blackledge enjoyed an average career, though not an outstanding one; he also experienced difficulties due to Mackovic modifying the offense around Kenney instead of him and never developed his own style of play; after 14 starts and only winning three times was this not enough to satisfy head coach and ownership.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Blackledge has won seven consecutive Ohio Prep Sportswriter of the Year awards and worked at several newspapers throughout Ohio – such as The Columbus Dispatch. Today he heads Environment America’s efforts to protect public land and waters as well as their public health campaigns.

Blackledge has done both well both athletically and academically. He earned first team CoSIDA Academic All-America status this season and a Jostens Trophy finalist nomination, becoming only the second men’s basketball player from Hope to receive such an accolade with his 3.91 grade point average majoring in communication and management studies.

Blackledge spends his free time fishing and spending quality time with his family. Currently working as an automobile sales representative at Higginbotham Automobiles of Rankin County for eleven years.

Personal Life

Blackledge has long been a sportswriter for the Columbus Dispatch, where he specializes in high school and college football as well as Cleveland Browns coverage. Additionally, he has contributed articles to Lake County Telegraph and Delaware Gazette; winning seven Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association Writer of the Year awards while covering Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds and Columbus Crew games.

Blackledge also serves as an analyst on ESPN’s Big East Network and Indianapolis Colts preseason games, while regularly contributing his knowledge during college football pregame shows hosted by Brad Nessler and Heather Cox.

Blackledge is married and lives with his first-named spouse in Canton, Ohio.

Net Worth

Blackledge enjoys making a substantial annual salary as a college football television broadcaster at ESPN. Over time he has amassed an impressive fortune through his work while maintaining a more modest lifestyle.

He currently resides in Jackson Township’s Hills and Dales village with his wife Cherie and has four children together.

Blackpool Council appointed him Director of Community and Environmental Services where he is in charge of everything from their world-famous illuminations to waste collection and public protection.

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Steve Blackledge
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