Steve Braithwaite

Steve Braithwaite

Steve Braithwaite was driving along Michigan highways when a state police trooper stopped him for no other reason than inspecting his banana-shaped vehicle, thinking they might issue him a ticket. Instead, they just wanted to see it first hand.

The court denied his motion on grounds that there were no “extraordinary and compelling reasons” to reduce his sentence.

Early Life and Education

On February 4, 1964, Braithwaite made an impression with his inaugural throne speech before the Ontario legislature on February 4. He brought up provisions in the Separate Schools Act which allowed segregated schools to continue operating in certain communities despite opposition by Braithwaite himself and within one year, government had removed this provision.

Braithwaite has embarked on a cross-country journey in his massive banana car, known as The World Needs More Whimsy Grand Tour. To make money he takes passengers for rides ranging from pennies to $20 each; at nighttime he often couch surfs.

Braithwaite claims in his Motion to Reconsider that the Court did not adequately consider his age and medical condition when issuing its original sentence, while further alleging he failed to fully disclose all his medical issues to the warden.

Professional Career

Braithwaite is an electronics consultant with extensive engineering design expertise. He has provided military satellite communications systems to Marconi company as well as start-up designs for wireless mobile phone companies.

At a Michigan gas station, Braithwaite came upon a stack of bananas and became mesmerized by their angles and dimensions, eventually coming up with the idea that they could make an excellent car chassis. He recruited his brother Spade as construction began on The Big Banana Car – an independently built vehicle he is driving across America.

On his journey, he’s spreading awareness of deep vein thrombosis – which caused the death of his mother – by offering people rides in his banana-shaped car; passengers pay as they see fit ranging from pennies up to $20.

Achievement and Honors

After his release from prison, Braithwaite resumed his musical career by creating an acoustic album of Sherbet covers and solo hits, as well as appearing in an Australian musical stage production of Chess and occasionally touring with an reunited Sherbet lineup.

Steven Braithwaite is widely recognized for his pioneering efforts in table tennis. As part of President Nixon’s Ping-Pong Diplomacy Team and having received both USATT Hall of Fame Awards and Lifetime Achievement honors.

Braithwaite’s current focus lies on developing therapeutics with an extensive scientific basis for treating age-related disorders, serving as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Alkahest and Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology at Rutgers University; additionally he sits on several advisory boards for private companies and foundations.

Personal Life

Braithwaite spends his spare time driving the Big Banana Car, a hand-built F-150 pickup. He parks at accommodating parking lots, posting his location on social media and offering fans rides for whatever price they can afford – from $20 up to $1,000! His estimates indicate he has provided thousands of rides that last five to eight minutes long with voluntary payments from $20 up to $1,000 made directly by their fans.

AGY Therapeutics and has led drug discovery and development programs at several large pharmaceutical companies.

In 2006, he featured on two new Sherbet tracks recorded for a greatest-hits compilation called Super Hits and then resumed his solo career by releasing Lemon Tree; an album which features acoustic renditions of both Sherbet’s hits as well as those by himself.

Net Worth

Danish striker Henrik Larsen is estimated to be worth PS216 Million. He has amassed significant wealth through property investments in America and Trente Clothing Co, his wife’s clothing line that is hugely successful across France.

He exemplifies the notion that true success lies beyond just playing minutes on the pitch, with West Ham currently showing interest in signing him up for their Premier League squad.

Braithwaite remains unassuming despite his wealth. Recently he was pulled over by a cop during a road trip in his Big Banana Car, but instead received back his driver’s license with an envelope containing $20 bill attached!

Steve Braithwaite
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