Steve Cadell

Steve Cadell

Cadell’s quirky spoken-word song “The Sweater” became a sleeper hit on Canada’s alternative and campus radio stations in 1992, leading to Sire Records releasing her debut album angel food for thought one year later.

She made a prominent debut in Hi-de-Hi! when she played Jeffrey Fairbrother for five series.

Early Life and Education

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Cadell was an experienced naval sailor from South America before moving to Australia where he soon took an interest in river navigation. Appointed to oversee construction of a steamer at Goolwa, in 1853 Cadell made an exploratory voyage up the Murray to prove its navigability.

Minder, Bergerac and the Kenny Everett Television Show. He voiced Blackberry in Bump. In addition, he narrated BBC’s version of Watership Down. Sadly he passed away in London on 6 March 1996.

Professional Career

Caddell began his writing career by contributing obituaries and news briefs for The News Journal of Delaware. Due to his sophisticated style of writing, his talents quickly led to promotion. Soon thereafter he covered some of Delaware’s most notorious crime cases such as Billy Bailey’s execution in 1996.

He later collaborated with Jimmy Carter to formulate a campaign strategy designed to overcome the widespread cynicism prevailing at that time. According to Carter himself, he helped win his election by positioning himself as an outsider capable of healing the country.

Steve currently resides in Central West Queensland as a Team Leader/Advanced Physiotherapist, while being actively involved with numerous projects and steering committees including AHPOQ Transition2subacute project/collaborative, Tele-handover collaborative as well as Statewide Persistent Pain Management Steering Network.

Achievement and Honors

Cadell had an active stage career during the 1970s, featuring roles in Simon Gray’s plays Plaintiffs and Defendants and Two Sundays as well as its film adaptation with Geraldine James.

His television career flourished as well, most notably as holiday camp manager Jeffrey Fairbrother on BBC situation comedy Hi-de-Hi! and as disingenuous civil servant Mr Dundridge in Tom Sharpe’s Blott on the Landscape.

Cadell made regular appearances on BBC sitcom Singles and other British television programs like Minder, Bergerac and The Kenny Everett Television Show. In children’s television he voiced an elephant named Bump who ran into everything! In music he released an independent cassette called MARE-in ka-DELL before signing with Toronto label Intrepid Records to release 20-track album angel food for thought in 1991.

Personal Life

Cadell often performed at Queen Street nightclubs alongside emerging acts, like the Barenaked Ladies. Additionally, he provided vocals and music contributions to over 20 albums; one such track, entitled “The Sweater”, became a sleeper hit which earned Juno Award nominations and many television and radio appearances.

Cadell worked for PEN International, an organization dedicated to freedom of expression. In 2004 he underwent gender transitioning and announced himself as female-to-male (FTM).

Cadell was subject to an apprehended domestic violence order application by his ex-wife in 2014, although this did not become formalized into court order. Later that year he joined the Nationals as state director and oversaw Barnaby Joyce sexual harassment investigation before eventually being reprimanded but not punished.

Net Worth

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Steve Cadell
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