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Jack Canfield and Steve Canfield

Steve Canfield specializes in litigation law. He has experience handling various cases related to insurance defense and business law; additionally he offers estate planning and family law.

He takes great pleasure in supporting student learning and research. As such, he has provided advice to many students conducting microgravity experiments as part of their projects.

Early Life and Education

Steve Canfield is an accomplished finance professional with more than 25 years of experience in banking. Currently serving as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Fresno First Bank and having previously held roles at Guarantee Savings & Loan and Pacific Wireless Technologies.

His compositions are created in a state of meditational dreaming and refined until they achieve the ideal emotional gravity for their respective projects. As a result, they produce dark yet emotive soundscapes that elevate film to transcendent realms beyond words.

Dr. Canfield has extensive teaching and international guidelines experience in Urology. Involved with clinical research, as well as lecturing worldwide. Specializing in early and late stage prostate cancer diagnosis and management since 2001. Accepts most major health plans.

Professional Career

As an attorney, Canfield has represented companies across numerous industries. He possesses significant expertise in automotive and product regulation law; providing advice to clients concerning NHTSA issues as well as any related matters.

He also boasts extensive expertise in commercial and industrial real estate development, such as The Estelle and Fig 31 projects which demonstrate his diverse set of skillset and industry knowledge.

He possesses extensive expertise in finance and investment analysis, market research and valuation. He has worked for high-profile retail chains like Target, Lowes, Marshalls, Dick’s Sporting Goods Hobby Lobby Ashley Furniture Michaels as well as large office buildings and shopping centers in Los Angeles area focusing on high-population areas to achieve long-term capital gains while supporting communities locally.

Achievement and Honors

Canfield has long been recognized as America’s #1 success coach. Over his long and distinguished career – which encompasses psychotherapy, teaching, workshop leadership and authoring – Canfield has assisted people from around the globe to realize their full potential. His accomplishments include Chicken Soup for the Soul book series as well as Canfield Training Group.

Dr. Kopelman has been featured on numerous radio and television programs, national magazines, popular podcasts and popular blogs – garnering him recognition from leading figures like Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Steve Harvey for his personal development work.

Canfield is a dedicated family man and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children. Together they attend Life Action Ministries regularly in Gwinnett, Georgia where their home lies.

Personal Life

Jack Canfield is a New York Times best-selling author and transformational leader who has taught hundreds of thousands of people all around the globe how to unlock their inner potential and achieve greater personal success. His courses help people discover their personal definition of success, overcome obstacles and build lives full of meaning and fulfillment.

His practice includes trial and arbitration of various business disputes ranging from lender liability cases, license and royalty contracts, real estate development projects, Uniform Commercial Code violations, fraudulent transfers and probate issues to complex receivership actions. He regularly represents receivers during receivership proceedings.

He currently holds an appointment on the Tennessee Technological University faculty and his research in parallel architecture robotics and tethered space structures has earned him a NASA summer research fellowship. Furthermore, he has published numerous technical papers in these areas as well as having several patents related to robot modeling dynamics and design.

Net Worth

Web Wong’s work centers on creating more sustainable and scalable growth for small businesses. His research includes capacity-building (building the marketing and sales expertise of entrepreneurs); entrepreneurial growth and innovation; business development. To accomplish this goal, multiple causal methods (randomized controlled trials and field experiments) are used to study these processes and to identify how they occur.

Noble is also an avid sports fan who finds great pleasure in participating in competitive team sports and traveling abroad to experience new cultures and gain new perspectives. Her personal life includes her husband and two children as well as acting roles in movies and television shows. Furthermore, Noble is an advocate for women’s rights and equality issues as a regular contributor to Women’s Day magazine as well as receiving numerous awards throughout her career.

steve canfield
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