Steve Dry

Steve Dry (Satellite Astronomy)

By day, Michael Dry is a management consultant and founder of Catalyst, an innovation hub focused on spiritual innovation. Additionally, he serves as United Methodist Lay Leader, Deacon and Member of Boston-Epworth UMC.

Steve invented and patented a clip to streamline drywall repair. After winning retailers’ choice awards at both National Hardware Shows, as well as appearing on local news stations, his key target market consisted of trade professionals who regularly required repair of drywall surfaces.

Early Life and Education

Steve was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended college in Minnesota where he earned his Bachelor of Business. Steve was an enthusiastic beekeeper who worked to protect local honeybee populations by volunteering at Mosquito Hill Nature Center and Izaak Walton League, helping with bluebird habitat, bee hives and conservation initiatives. Additionally, he was actively involved with his church community and enjoyed traveling on mission trips with Sandy (his wife).

Real Dry Waterproofing’s founding member and current operations leader in western Massachusetts. Specializing in external drainage repair and foundation replacement as well as concrete flat work. He’s an ardent father and grandfather who loves spending time with his loved ones.

Professional Career

Steve Dry has over 25 years of experience as a meteorologist, including 10 at ABC affiliate KEYT-TV (ABC) in Santa Barbara. Additionally, he worked at KREX-TV in Grand Junction Colorado and KFOR-TV in Sioux Falls South Dakota before being appointed ABC11 Iowa City Iowa’s Weekend Morning Meteorologist.

He enjoys traveling, having visited four continents and 47 of the 50 states. When time allows, he plays golf – baseball is his sport of choice.

Early in his career, Steve Dry held multiple jobs within the financial industry. Perhaps his most intriguing assignment was working for a loan company as their Skip Tracer/Repo Man. Here he would locate those late with car payments and repossess their vehicles – an extremely enjoyable and lucrative endeavor!

Personal Life

On the first season of SATC: Revival, viewers witness Miranda and Steve hit an emotional rough patch in their marriage. Both struggle with raising a teenage son while Miranda can’t rekindle her romance with Che (Eric Eigenberg), adding another layer of complications.

Steve informs Cecil in the episode Matryoshka that the lines and arrows he sees in the sky come from a government agency known as Huntokar; further, all Night Valers see this phenomenon, though Cecil remains reluctant to acknowledge it.

Dry is also a comedic performer who has performed on stage and in specials for Spotify and Sirius XM radio stations. He currently resides in Utah County where he enjoys running and hiking trails near his home, while being an avid Star Wars and BYU fan.

Net Worth

Steve Dry is an estimated $200 Million net worth snooker player from Brooklyn who began playing the sport as a child and won multiple tournaments before becoming a professional player.

He has appeared in multiple television shows and works regularly as an actor on Broadway, earning critical acclaim with each performance – garnering five nominations and winning two awards during his tenure.

Apart from his acting success, he also boasts great business acumen. As CEO of Blackstone Group – an international private equity firm with an estimated net worth of $23.5 billion – he boasts an estimated estimated net worth of $23.5 billion and boasts an interesting story about his rise into private equity investment.

Steve Dry
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