Steve Elwin

Steve Elwin – A Geophysicist

Steve was an ardent Ohio State Buckeye supporter and greatly enjoyed volunteering for Sammamish Rotary while perfecting his pickleball skills.

The current study analyzes audience engagement with Steve Irwin, the popular television personality who died tragically at the peak of his career. A survey of 1,800 media consumers demonstrated that Irwin was perceived as both an icon and role model for wildlife conservation; news of his passing spread quickly worldwide prompting interpersonal dialogues as well as Internet searches.

Early Life and Education

Steve was an incredible father who greatly valued his family. He relished spending time with his children, watching sports and gardening; especially rhubarb cultivation which brought great pleasure and pride for Steve. Additionally he was active at church where he helped establish a boys Sunday school class.

As well as his other professions, he also practiced massage therapy professionally. After his wife Nadine experienced a stroke, he discovered massage therapy while researching ways to assist in her healing.

Following his passing, Bindi and Robert took up his work with Australia Zoo. His legacy of wildlife conservation was celebrated by many; Bindi hosts her show and travels the globe searching out new wildlife species.

Professional Career

Jim has directed numerous plays at George Street Playhouse’s mainstage including The Immigrant, Trying, and My Name is Asher Lev. Additionally he taught on the faculty of 92nd Street Y and co-founded Bronx Theatre High School.

Elwin was an ardent family man and loved spending time with his daughters. In addition to spending his free time fishing and hunting for game, he enjoyed sushi, tequila and wine – activities which provided an outlet for his passions.

Elwin is survived by his wife Carolyn of Rockport; two children Terry G. Mank and Deborah, and Cindy L. Ross with Rick Ross as well as four grandchildren; as well as numerous nieces and nephews, including Gloria E Parker who passed away prior to Elwin attending Red Sox Fantasy Camp for four consecutive years and was honored to be among its oldest participants at his final outing tying for oldest player honors at this year’s camp.

Achievement and Honors

One of SEG’s cherished traditions is honoring individuals and organizations for significant contributions to geophysics. To that end, its Honors and Awards Committee solicits nominations of deserving individuals or entities who should receive this recognition.

Elwin was both an accomplished professional and devoted family man, enjoying activities such as scuba diving, golfing and skiing. Additionally, he volunteered at Sammamish Rotary while working to improve his pickleball game.

Steve and Terri had two children, Bindi and Robert. Since Elwin’s death, Bindi has continued his family’s wildlife conservation work at Australia Zoo; Bindi shared in an emotional video posted online that her father would be so proud to see his children continue this mission after he is gone. Alongside being an accomplished wildlife expert, Elwin was also an accomplished guitarist.

Personal Life

Elwin was a charter member of Three Rivers Church of the Nazarene and served on its board for several years, as well as being past president of his local Rotary Club. He enjoyed golf, tennis, softball and spoiling his grandchildren and great-grandchildren while woodworking projects and home repairs projects were always top of mind for him. Additionally he was an avid sports fan as well as being a square dancer.

Bindi Sue Irwin and Robert Lawrence Irwin, whom Elwin fathered with Terri, share his passion for wildlife conservation and love of wildlife with one another, inherited his love for it all from her mother Terri and continue her father’s legacy by traveling the globe with Bindi: The Jungle Girl natural history show. Elwin owned and operated Chippewa Homes, Arrowhead Real Estate and Ruggles Termite Service as well as being a veteran of the US Army.

Net Worth

Irwin was widely revered during his lifetime for being a highly esteemed wildlife expert and conservationist, travelling worldwide to study and protect various forms of fauna – especially crocodiles. Additionally, his television shows became immensely popular as did his work with these animals.

At his death, he had amassed millions of dollars. He was best known for his wildlife documentaries such as Croc Files, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and New Breed Vets; in addition to appearing as a guest on numerous talk shows and commercials.

Terri Raines was also an avid wildlife enthusiast; they met and became engaged four months after meeting each other. Bindi Sue and Robert Clarence Irwin were born from this union; Robert later took over his parents’ animal and fauna park which he renamed Australia Zoo in 1998.

Steve Elwin
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