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Staci Freudiger finds great satisfaction in helping patients of all ages to walk again, pick up their children, and return to an optimal level of function that allows them to return home with their spouses – an endeavor she undertakes as a volunteer for Red Cross.

Early Life and Education

Steve Freudiger was born and raised on Chicago’s south side before graduating from DePaul University School of Law. With extensive taxation expertise – representing numerous churches, charitable organizations and medical centers among others – Steve has also handled negotiations for provider contracts, major equipment purchases, software licensing agreements, acquisition of practices and construction contract matters for medical practices as well as general corporate matters including counseling physicians regarding managed care issues. Steve regularly volunteers his services with Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Red Cross disaster relief operations.

Professional Career

Staci Freudiger has over two decades of experience working in health care. She takes great pleasure in helping her patients of all ages regain mobility so they can walk again, pick up their children, and return to a level of function that allows them to live at home with their spouses. Staci is also an active member of Oklahoma Physical Therapy Foundation as well as volunteering her services in fitness boot camp classes.

She is also a Red Cross volunteer from Ohio’s Greater Cincinnati Chapter who was deployed to Mississippi due to flooding on the Mississippi River since 1937. Although she misses her family back home in Ohio, she’s happy that she can help those in need.

Personal Life

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Red Cross volunteer Steve Freudiger is working tirelessly to assist those affected by Mississippi River flooding since 1937. Though missing his 11-year-old daughter, Steve knows he is helping families who require his assistance during this challenging period – this deployment marks his second deployment as a disaster relief worker.

Net Worth

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steve freudiger
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