Steve Fussell

Steve Fussell, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Abbott Realty

Steve Fussell has lived his entire life in Desoto county and worked in numerous family businesses during that time. As such, he possesses extensive knowledge about real estate markets and their trends.

He serves as Abbott’s director of human resources, where he works to ensure the organization has access to talent capable of meeting its business goals. As an honest leader who supports employees while driving organizational transformation.

Early Life and Education

Steve Fussell was raised on his family ranch and began running his own citrus nursery as a teenager. Over time, however, his business suffered due to canker infestation in early 2000, prompting him to expand into real estate instead of citrus plants – another successful venture of which he is proud.

Fussell’s The Great War and Its Literary Treatments was groundbreaking in its approach to literary interpretations of historical events. An unapologetic elitist, Fussell used his scholarly work to show how class distinctions were clearly visible through language used at that time – friends were called “comrades”, danger was “peril”, and death meant being “lost in dust”.

Fussell wrote about contemporary America in 1983 with yachts (typically Chris-Craft), Caribbean vacations and gadgets that appear to signal social status. Although today nothing resembles Fussell’s descriptions as much, there still remain yachts (typically Chris-Craft) and gadgets which seem to signify one social class over another.

Professional Career

Fussell joined Abbott in 1996 as divisional vice president, Compensation and Benefits, before eventually becoming Human Resources manager in 2005. Fussell believes that human resources professionals are essential custodians of a company’s most precious resource: its people.

He writes that Class X prefers art that truly looks appealing, food that tastes delicious, and neighborhoods with quirky aesthetics that suit their quirky sensibilities. They also read British, French and Italian periodicals; wear down vests, flannel shirts and hiking boots (to show they are less terrified than you), play touch football and carry infants in slings or papooses – among many other activities!

His loved ones include Allison, his three sons and daughters-in-law as well as an abundance of grandchildren. Instead of flowers, the family would appreciate memorial donations made in his name to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Achievement and Honors

Fussell was an accomplished essayist and social critic who authored five books of commentary. His keen insight into what compels people to believe what they do allowed him to provoke outrage among his audience members without fear.

As Abbott’s senior vice president of human resources, he is an expert at streamlining processes across 100 countries while initiating training initiatives. Additionally, he was pivotal in creating global Business Advisory Councils so leaders can have an opportunity to discuss employee and business-related matters openly and candidly.

He leaves behind his beloved wife of 48 years, Jo Ellen Wood Fussell of Rose Hill, NC; son Daniel Jerome Fussell III “D.J.” of Levittown, PA; daughters Leslie Elizabeth Rodriguez and Olivia Buron as well as grandchildren Tyler Nevadomski Cam Buron Ayden Fussell and Jonathan Fussell along with other family members and close friends.

Personal Life

Fussell is a family man living in Sumter County, Florida who also happens to be a fishing guide on the Gulf coast and writes a weekly newspaper column chronicling his adventures. He prides himself on customer service both within his business as a guide as well as with the charter school where he works.

Fustell has an interest in guitar building, having been taught the craft by local luthier Gerald Anderson. He holds deep gratitude for those who helped him reach where he is today.

He currently holds the position of Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Abbott and has extensive experience leading talent strategy during mergers & acquisitions, spin-offs and divestitures on four continents. Furthermore, he advocates strongly for diversity & inclusion.

Net Worth

Fussell brings extensive expertise in developing innovative operations and process solutions for companies, having held executive roles at UniRush, FSV Payment Systems and Netspend as well as consulting for investment groups on evaluating financial services and technology companies.

Fussell has long admired BBC Studios for the content it creates and believes that as long as they stick to their strategy they will remain successful.

As of 2023-06-01, Stephen R Fussell owned one company worth more than $17 Million according to insider trading records. Below you can view details about all his trades as well as performance data of Stephen’s stocks over timeframes – click here for more details!

Steve Fussell
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