Steve Gerstenhaber

Steve Gerstenhaber

Steve Gerstenhaber was born in Baltimore and passed away after an unfortunate boat crash in Miami at 67. He left behind his wife, two sons, and five grandchildren as his legacy.

Gerstenhaber’s family business began to suffer after Dan’s Liquor Store opened up across the street again. Michael sought help in challenging their license application for what would have been a legally sound challenge against this new establishment.

Early Life and Education

Gerstenhaber was born and raised in Tremont section of New York City. He attended public schools such as Bronx Academy of Letters & Arts and High School of Music & Art.

He then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Yale University. Additionally, he competed on Yale’s team at the 1948 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition where he received a monetary prize of $30.

Gerstenhaber moved from Vienna after World War II, joining the University of Pennsylvania faculty. Though his department lacked resources for modernization, he and fellow newcomer I.N. Herstein found creative ways to fund visiting speakers; for instance appearing on popular radio quiz shows while earning $25 for each appearance helped create a visitors’ fund.

Professional Career

Gerstenhaber was raised in a working-class family and began working for his father’s liquor store on University Avenue in the Tremont section of the Bronx in 1948, which had been part of their family business ever since then.

Gerstenhaber made headlines as a child prodigy when featured in Leta Hollingworth’s book Children Above 180 IQ (1942). He became popularly known by his nickname of Child L.

Gerstenhaber established Available Light in 2010, an independent lighting design firm that specializes in trade shows and events lighting design, architecture projects and film premieres for clients such as Bose, Akamai Technologies and Hologic. He currently serves as Production Coordinator and Lighting Designer of Available Light’s special event division; creating unique and innovative lighting designs that meet clients’ requirements for trade show or corporate event projects.

Achievement and Honors

Gerstenhaber was an accomplished author, writing many books on an array of subjects as well as publishing several academic journal articles. Gerstenhaber served as professor of mathematics at University of Pennsylvania; best-known for his contributions to theoretical physics through Gerstenhaber algebra discovery.

He is also highly esteemed as an engaging speaker and lecturer, having presented at numerous universities and conferences worldwide.

As well as his work for Available Light, Mr. Coffin managed and operated his own production company. Through this venture, trade shows and special events were produced for clients including Hologic, Bose and Akamai Technologies.

Personal Life

Individuals registered to sell securities or provide investment advice must disclose customer complaints, arbitrations, regulatory actions, employment terminations, bankruptcy filings and criminal and civil judicial proceedings that arise against them. Gerstenhaber and his wife currently have two children together according to his online biography.

Goldman Sachs alumni Michael Gerstenhaber and his wife have concentrated their philanthropy on education and youth programs, arts and culture initiatives, Jewish causes and policy issues, New York-area hospitals and supporting early-career investigators; animal rights nonprofits as well as other non-profits (such as supporting animal rights). Based out of Manhattan with their family foundation funding research into pulmonary medicine and arts; in 2009 they donated over $1 Million to National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

Net Worth

Gerstenhaber may not be as well-known in the philanthropic community as his fellow “Tiger Cubs” from Tiger Investment Management who later established hedge funds; nevertheless, both Gerstenhaber and Posner-Gerstenhaber have shown generous giving with their wealth. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Animal Cancer Foundation are two prominent examples of their efforts, while they also donate generously to education – particularly public schools located in poor areas as well as talented students. Posner-Gerstenhaber is a research scientist at Columbia-Presbyterian and is well known for her groundbreaking suicide assessment techniques. Additionally, she serves on the board of Turnaround for Children as well as being co-parent of one son with Gerstenhaber; together they share custody of Sean; she’s a trustee of Victor Posner Foundation which her late father left nearly $195 Million for them and their charities; she inherited these assets upon his passing in 2009.

Steve Gerstenhaber
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