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Lawyer and Policy Advisor to Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus

He is widely recognized for his expertise in litigation strategy, crisis management, litigation communications and national meetings he has spoken at as well as CNBC profiles. Additionally, he serves as Senior Fellow at Pacific Research Institute and on their Legal Policy Advisory Board at Washington Legal Foundation.

He disproves the myth that trial lawyers, as depicted on late-night talk shows, are unknowledgable “ambulance chasers”. Instead, he reveals their secret strategy for winning multimillion- and billion-dollar settlements.

Early Life and Education

Steven Hantler is a lawyer and policy advisor to Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus on matters pertaining to public policy, legal reform and free enterprise issues. Prior to this role, Steven was one of Chrysler LLC’s general counsel and was instrumental in managing its class action lawsuits, consumer litigation matters and litigation communications function as well as helping address state legislative and regulatory initiatives to promote tort reform. Steven also sits on The Job Creators Alliance board of directors as well as National Judicial College advisory Board and Pacific Research Institute Senior Fellow boards – in addition to being frequent speakers on topics related to crisis management strategy as well as liability reform.

Professional Career

He often gives presentations and talks on litigation strategy, crisis management and communication and has written extensively for both legal and business publications. In addition, he has addressed national conferences on topics including attorney general activism, civil justice reform and process reengineering.

His political philosophy is libertarian and his economic views support free market economics. He regularly contributes to Breitbart News and Fox News Channel.

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus hired Hantler to oversee his political activities in Florida, where he supports Republican Ron DeSantis for governor. Hantler frequently substitutes for Marcus at donor conferences or candlelit dinners, leading some financial advisors to question whether Hantler possesses sufficient credentials to pledge funds on his behalf.

Achievement and Honors

Hantler not only works at White Lodging but is also on the Board of Directors at AMERICAN AXLE & MANUFACTURING HOLDINGS INC and earns annual compensation of $10,220 through fixed retainer and meeting fees as well as stock awards, option awards, change in pension value earnings and non-qualified deferred compensation earnings from his role on their Board.

Hantler is widely recognized as an expert on litigation strategy and communications, crisis management and liability reform. He has presented at many national meetings on these subjects and written articles that were featured on Vital Speeches of the Day and Litigation Management Magazine; additionally he was recently a featured speaker on CNBC and several of his speeches were included in his book entitled Litigation Strategies That Maximize Your Bottom Line.

Personal Life

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus counts Hantler among his top political strategists, but Hantler also advises several other wealthy donors of President Donald Trump. Hantler frequently speaks at national meetings on issues of legal reform, employment law and litigation strategy/communications; his speeches have been published by Vital Speeches while his monograph on civil justice reform was published by Manhattan Institute.

Hantler is married to Katherine Potash and has two children: Sloane Brooklyn and Briar Sue Ceresnie. In his free time he serves as senior fellow at Pacific Research Institute and sits on their legal policy Advisory Board as well as being part of New York University Law School’s Center for Labor and Employment.

Hantler serves on the boards of directors of both Job Creators Alliance and State Government Leadership Foundation.

Net Worth

Hantler serves as Director of Policy Initiatives for The Marcus Family Office and advises Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus on issues pertaining to public policy, free enterprise and entrepreneurship, national security and international affairs. In addition, he sits on the Board of American Axle & Manufacturing of Detroit Michigan.

He frequently speaks at national meetings on litigation strategy, crisis management and liability reform topics, such as litigation strategy. His articles covering these subjects have appeared in multiple publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Litigation Management Magazine and Chief Executive Officer magazines.

Based on Form 4 filings with the SEC, Steven Hantler held 5,000 shares of American Axle & Manufacturing Inc worth $62,850 as of 7 February 2012. Click here to view his complete trading history.

steve hantler
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