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Steve Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court Justice, is a Cultivator of Planned Giving

Kavanaugh’s approach to administrative law reflects his views of separation-of-powers under the Constitution. According to him, regulatory authority for agency regulatory bodies resides with Congress rather than with the President and is subject to Article I’s requirement that “all legislative powers herein granted shall be vested exclusively in a Congress of the United States”.

But his Supreme Court colleagues are still learning more about him and shaping their perception.

Early Life and Education

Kavanaugh lives in Chevy Chase, a affluent Washington suburb with homes selling for millions. Together with his wife he has two daughters that they coach basketball for.

After successfully navigating Christine Blasey Ford’s contentious confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh is currently serving his first term on the court. According to Empirical SCOTUS blogger Adam Feldman, Kavanaugh has established himself as part of Chief Justice John Roberts’ conservative center, favoring liberal justices such as Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan over other members of his far-right flank.

Kavanaugh joined conservatives in several 5-4 decisions involving key issues such as partisan gerrymandering and capital punishment, likely playing an instrumental role in future cases concerning abortion, religious liberty and gun rights.

Professional Career

Kavanaugh has been serving on the Court of Appeals for more than a decade and is generally seen as an experienced conservative judge, yet some social-conservatives worry he doesn’t take abortion issues seriously enough. For example, in one recent case where he supported an argument from President Donald Trump to delay an undocumented teen seeking an abortion until their immigration case had concluded.

On the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh has consistently supported justices Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer at roughly equal rates with justices on the far-right of the court, according to Empirical SCOTUS blogger Adam Feldman. Feldman is also a regular instructor at Harvard Law School teaching courses related to Supreme Court issues and separation of powers; furthermore he and his wife have two daughters whom he coaches basketball teams for.

Achievement and Honors

Steve has over 38 years of development experience and has worked closely with donors and prospects to cultivate planned gifts. This includes developing marketing plans for gift promotion, creating communications materials pertaining to planned giving, as well as aiding with the cultivation and solicitation of major six- and seven-figure gifts.

Lawyers for Bush-Cheney during the 2000 presidential campaign, participating in Florida recount and serving as counsel and staff secretary in George W. Bush White House until 2006 when he was appointed federal bench.

Kavanaugh quickly established himself as an outspoken conservative while serving on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, issuing opinions which support religious liberty and the Second Amendment. He gained widespread acclaim across legal circles as well as members from both political parties.

Personal Life

Kavanaugh lives in suburban Washington and is known to be a dedicated family man, coaching his daughters’ basketball teams and actively involved with his local church. Additionally, he boasts two Boston Marathon finish lines on his Supreme Court website biography.

Robert Bork served on independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s lengthy investigation of former Democratic President Bill Clinton, as well as serving in George W. Bush’s White House as both counsel and staff secretary. Bork is well known for his conservative judicial opinions but can often act as an influential swing vote on cases.

Friends and former clerks report that Roberts shares the same temperament. Both share an approach to jurisprudence which avoids becoming dogmatic or incrementalist, and both have served as key swing votes on important cases this term.

Net Worth

Supreme Court Justices also receive an attractive pension after serving for a certain number of years on the bench. As of 2017, Kavanaugh held between $15,001 and $50,000 in an interest-bearing bank account and less than $15,000 invested with Vanguard funds in his 401(k). According to his financial disclosure form.

He also earned an advance on his memoir publication and, like other federal judges, earns travel expenses when appearing before courts or for appearances at legal arguments. For instance, in White Stallion Energy Center v. EPA from 2014 he argued that the Environmental Protection Agency shouldn’t regulate power plants without considering costs.

Matt Damon has proved himself an asset both on screen and off. On September 29’s episode of Saturday Night Live he appeared as Brett Kavanaugh for an amusing bit – watch below for proof.

Steve Kavanaugh
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