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Steve Manders is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based illustrator and graphic designer, having begun illustrating in the late 70s.

He employs an original style that blends contemporary and classical techniques. Beginning with a basic layout on transfer paper, then employing gouache painting techniques from old masters for his illustrations.

Early Life and Education

Born to an Adventist preacher, Manders was gifted with charisma. This talent has allowed him to motivate audiences through song.

After graduating from Archbishop Spalding High School in Maryland, he attended Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia before enrolling at the University of Iowa – eventually transferring to Minnesota with an athletic scholarship – for further studies.

After finishing his sketches, Manders uses transfer paper to outline his painting’s general layout before painting with watercolor on watercolor paper. Before applying his final colors he applies gouache (an opaque water color) layers between lighter and darker areas before spraying plant misters over his artwork to keep paint moist while making more energetic brushstrokes.

Professional Career

Manders was hooked on wrestling as soon as he tried it for himself, yet turning his hobby into a profession proved challenging. Ettore Ewen (Big E), former Hawkeye football player, helped show him that his dreams could become reality.

Manders registered for his first session of WWE Performance Center Iowa City in January 2022, already an avid fan and excited by this opportunity, yet meeting Ewen made all the difference for his motivation to work hard in training sessions.

On September 3rd 2022 at WCWPro, 1 Called Manders defeated Connor Braxton. At Nova on September 10th and 13th of 2022 Mik Drake beat Ace Austin and Steve Manders in a bullrope match before defeating them both again using bullrope techniques in an exhibition match. On September 13th Lord Crewe bested Kyle Maverick, Crash Jaxon Samantha Heights Shain Bender 1 Called Manders all in an organized scrum-pit match!

Achievement and Honors

Dr Manders has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. He has illustrated more than 30 children’s books using historical research techniques to inform his artwork. His pieces can be seen exhibited at several museums and galleries nationwide and his style draws influence from old masters from both Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Manders has also participated in several major events and matches, such as Rockstar Pro: 1 Called Manders beating Pompano Joe in a dark gauntlet match on October 20, 2021.

Personal Life

Steve Manders was an outstanding husband, father and brother who will be greatly missed by all who knew him. With an infectious sense of humor and great faith in Christ at his core, he touched many lives with his wisdom. Steve will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

Manders begins his illustration process with a rough sketch and general layout, then transfers these sketches onto transfer paper before transferring them onto watercolor paper. He applies an underpainting of one color before layering opaque watercolors – preferring gouache due to its thickness and ability to cover other hues.

He strives for originality in his work, fusing new and old methods together. According to Kirkus Reviews, he noted: “To come up with something truly innovative you must think outside yourself”.

Net Worth

According to various online sources and public data, American Football Player Dave Manders reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. His wealth was earned through professional American Football Play.

His personal and love life remain private as he prefers keeping it out of the media’s eyes. At present, he is single without children.

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Steve Manders
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