Steve Massey

Steve Massey – A Lifelong Friend, Father, Brother and Provider

He is an extremely gifted musician, regularly performing with local bands. Additionally, he performs voiceovers for movies and TV shows, writes songs for them as well.

In 1987 Steve joined David Marshak’s lab, where he took charge of direction selective retinal ganglion cell recording and developed confocal microscopy for imaging gap junctions between cells in rabbit retina. He published several outstanding papers regarding his work.

Early Life and Education

Steve Massey was an amazing husband, father, brother, friend and provider. He cared deeply for his family as well as rescue dogs, stray cats, chickens, rabbits and goats (at one point even a snake!). Steve enjoyed playing games, music videos and movies to pass the time while keeping up with life and family duties – especially his daughter and great grandchildren who he greatly cherished.

He was a first-generation Cuban-American who held positions of prominence within the Clinton Administration and studied international development and economics at Georgetown, Columbia and Oxford Universities. In 2012 he founded CitiLookout as a means of providing counseling and trauma recovery services to underserved communities – not necessarily proclamations-centered; counselors instead seek to meet people where they are and recognize and acknowledge their experiences.

Professional Career

Steve Massey is an accomplished investor who places great emphasis on cultivating long-term relationships with his clients. He listens carefully to their needs before offering solutions that best suit their individual situation and goals. Furthermore, Steve’s goal is to assist his clients with staying focused and on track to reaching them all.

Meteorite, an impact agency focused on building coalitions for good, was co-founded by David. Through this role he has created multiple award-winning campaigns with leading business, communications and public health organizations.

Recent work of his has focused on unravelling several outstanding mysteries related to rod-cone coupling in three rod pathways. Together with Christophe Ribelayga and Chai-An Mao, these efforts have produced several outstanding papers which have laid the groundwork for current understandings of retinal circuitry contacts at confocal level, especially gap junctions.

Achievement and Honors

Massey was an accomplished midfielder at Stockport County for three full seasons, scoring 24 goals in 114 appearances. Additionally, his playful nature could be seen through a long-standing birthday card war between himself and sister Donna as well as an affinity for games, music, and movies.

He was an ardent proponent of social engagement and public health and worked directly with communities. He led integrated cause-marketing campaigns both domestically and abroad, forging partnerships with major foundations, media organizations, and Fortune 500 companies to advance initiatives through integrated cause marketing initiatives.

His advocacy enthused students about developing inter-disciplinary curriculum and learning opportunities outside the classroom to prepare them for emerging career paths. Under his direction, the National Institutes of Health vision research emphasis was shaped and substantial funding secured, including being appointed Principal Investigator (PI) on its core grant.

Personal Life

Steve was an active member of his community, always welcoming everyone like they were an old friend. His passion was life; he loved spending time with family and friends as well as playing games, listening to music, watching movies and fishing; owning Wabasso Bait and Tackle Shack made fishing all the easier for him.

He published numerous scientific papers on retinal neurophysiology and visual processing. Through a collaboration with Christophe Ribelayga and Chai-An Mao, his efforts provided definitive answers on the way rod-cone coupling developed in the 3rd rod pathway.

Mr. Leary was also an accomplished musician and composer whose songs could be heard nationwide on radio stations. He studied guitar and composition privately with Jai Josefs (author of Writing Music for Hit Songs) as well as songwriting with Grammy nominated songwriter Steve Seskin.

Net Worth

Massey Financial Services of Milford, Connecticut is owned and managed by Jeffrey Massey who has over 39 years of experience in the financial industry and holds both his Bachelors in Finance & Management degree as well as the Series 63 license which permits him to act as a securities broker.

Massey was manager of Conference South club Truro City from 2012 until March 2014, when they were sacked with them sitting 19th place. He has previously managed Falmouth Town before returning to Truro City a second time as manager in 2010. Additionally he manages Cornish representative team as well as South West Peninsula League club Helston Athletic; Massey now splits his time between Bethany, Connecticut and Upstate Connecticut where he owns a 3rd generation farmhouse.

Steve Massey
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