Steve Momjian

The Confidants of Steve Momjian

Steve and Danielle first met when she began her internship at CooperKatz & Company, the New York public relations agency where Steve started his first full-time position as an employee. Over time, the two quickly developed strong bonds of trust.

Sean and Steve became fast friends over their shared love of fishing, creating many unforgettable moments from chumming for sharks in the middle of the night to braving wind, rain, and waist-deep waters to hunt bass. Sean truly is an extraordinary individual!

Early Life and Education

Steve and Danielle first met while in college and quickly formed an instantaneous connection due to their shared appreciation of sarcasm and reality TV shows. Soon thereafter they started working at CooperKatz PR – an NYC public relations firm where they both became co-workers as well as close friends.

Steven is an old English name that conjures images of power and glory. Derived from Stephen and Stefan – two names associated with crowns and wreaths – Steven can inspire those named it to pursue greatness; from legendary King Stephen to iconic movie producer Steven Spielberg. Baby boys bearing this moniker will find strength from those who have held greatness in their hands.

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Professional Career

Josh has long been one of Steve’s closest confidantes, serving as his unofficial doctor when it came to medical matters since entering HM3. Josh fields any and all medical inquiries on Steve’s behalf and acts as his unofficial doctor when it comes to answering medical queries and concerns.

Nick has become an indispensable presence at Steve and Danielle’s apartment for nearly eight years, often shouting out “Hi Nick!” through his headset when entering.

He is one of the only people who understand Steve’s incredible hair, as well as one of their biggest supporters during this journey. A big-hearted guy, he never hesitates to stand up for his friends when needed and always provides support when necessary.

Personal Life

Kevin and Steve were once mortal enemies. Years of living together had fractured their friendship, yet when Kevin moved to Seattle for college they quickly mended fences. Kevin’s tireless devotion to self-exploration and questioning the status quo has proven himself an invaluable friend and guide.

Pete and Steve share a passion for fishing, often embarking on excursions across Brevard County’s lagoons as well as into Florida’s wilder regions. His dedication and full engagement in his hobby are admirable traits which Steve strives to emulate.

Brad is one of Steve’s closest confidantes. Their conversations about everything from Karaoke duets to reality TV have shaped and defined their friendship – which makes both parties extremely excited to have him by their sides on their wedding day!

Steve Momjian
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