Steve Morandi

Steve Morandi

Steve Morandi currently serves as Vice President of Product at Evolv Technology. He has been employed with them since 2009.

Morandi was known for his simple taste and modest ambition. He never made extravagant claims or advocated extravagant theories.

Morandi’s asceticism was determined by circumstances in his life, such as Italy’s fascist period and World War II.

Early Life and Education

Morandi lived a simple life; never marrying and remaining in Bologna throughout his existence. After working for his father’s export business for some time, art eventually became his focus of interest and focus for work in general. Living alongside his mother and three sisters and being responsible for their education were part of Morandi’s daily routine.

Marilena Pasquali, author of 2019 book Giorgio Morandi: The Feeling of Things, notes that in his later years, Giorgio Morandi began receiving visitors to his studio from highly recognized artists, scholars and art critics who wished to pay their respects to this iconic painter.

Steven Morandi currently works as Vice President, Product at Evolv Technology. He holds both an MBA from Boston University and a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University; having been active in the industry for over 21 years.

Professional Career

He has over 25 years of experience helping leading manufacturing and high technology companies achieve results, such as global customer and product support, new product/service development, Six Sigma process reengineering initiatives, strategy creation and strategy implementation.

He is the proud and adoring father of Jeffrey S. Morandi and Elizabeth Schoener from Bellingham and Samantha A. Morandi with Patrick Camacho from Lakeville; as well as being Michael P. Morandi’s loving grandfather in East Walpole.

Evolv Technology recently appointed him Vice President. Previously he held positions as OneSource Technology Portfolio Leader for PerkinElmer Inc and Analytics Solution Leader with Deloitte Managed Analytics. He holds both a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University and an MBA from Boston University.

Achievement and Honors

Morandi achieved great fame despite living an isolated and modest life, yet was revered as a modern artist with his tight collection of still life paintings. By carefully choosing mundane household objects as subjects for his still life paintings and paying close attention to form, light, and color he managed to transform simple items into works that were both simple yet formalist in beauty.

Erich Heckel has become one of the key precursors to Minimalism with his emphasis on subtle color gradations and repeated forms that conjured a sense of space. He had significant impact on other artists such as Franz Kline, Robert Morris and Bill Graham.

Vince Beacom serves as Verisae’s Executive Vice President of Sales specializing in utilities, telecommunications and services. In this capacity he oversees strategic direction and roadmap of Connected SLM solution suite while adhering to Service Executive business priorities.

Personal Life

Steve Morandi currently serves as Senior Vice President for Product at PTC where he oversees a global team in fulfilling PTC’s strategic roadmap and meeting Service executive business priorities. Before this role he led OneSource Technology Portfolio at PerkinElmer.

Morandi painted in relative seclusion throughout his life, yet the art world recognized and honored his work with many top juried awards and retrospective exhibitions.

Abramowicz writes that, contrary to popular perception, Morandi had many knowledgeable and influential friends with whom he enjoyed engaging in lively discussions on modern art trends. These relationships helped him successfully negotiate Italy’s turbulent Fascist period without compromising his talents; depression did not prevent him from producing some of his finest artworks.

Net Worth

Morandi maintained a low profile when not painting; remaining gentle and polite during his private life on Via Fondazza in Bologna where he resided with three sisters.

He exhibited in Milan, Venice, Rome and other Italian cities and internationally. His paintings displayed subdued colors with subtle tones including whites and greys; sometimes without any discernible hue whatsoever. Furthermore, the visible brushstrokes in his compositions added further texture.

His works are on display in numerous museums. Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita featured two of his still-life paintings by him in one of its main character’s apartment. Additionally, several postage stamps from Italy (such as 1990 issue depicting an etching) represent his art as well as him being considered a key forefather of minimalism.

Steve Morandi
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