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Investor Profile – Steve Munger

Steve brings years of residential caregiving experience to high-end client services in South Coastal Rhode Island. He is well versed in all its unique properties.

Charlie Munger recently lamented envy as a major global issue, noting how people today seem less content than in previous centuries due to wealth inequality and political unrest.

Early Life and Education

As a child in Omaha, Munger worked in his grandfather’s grocery store and enjoyed raising and trading hamsters with other children; thus gaining early experience negotiating. Later he was captain of his high school’s boys rifle team before enrolling at University of Michigan but ultimately leaving to join World War II’s army instead.

He decided to enroll at Duke and quickly found himself at the mouse genetics department, where he met Blanche Capel, who was immediately impressed by his exam performance and asked him to join her lab as his third rotation rotation.

Steve brings extensive technical and code knowledge to our projects, particularly those involving complex renovations of high-rise buildings. Additionally, he is actively involved with his community by serving on boards and volunteering at numerous organizations.

Professional Career

Charlie Munger is one of the world’s most successful investors and Warren Buffett’s right-hand man at Berkshire Hathaway. We explore his thinking on business, investing, and life.

Dr. Steven Munger is the Director of the Center for Smell and Taste at the University of Florida and Professor and Vice Chair of Pharmacology and Therapeutics there. His studies focus on scents, pheromones and taste stimuli that give important information about food quality, nutrients content, the suitability of potential partners or predators/competitors present and predator/competitor presence or absence.

He is also an outspoken supporter of legal aid for the poor, serving as board president for Public Counsel, Inner City Law Center and Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles – while remaining an ACLU Sustaining Member.

Achievement and Honors

Munger was instrumental in establishing design as an acknowledged practice area during his time as an architect, applying his exceptional design skills to residential, small commercial, and joint venture projects – not simply large expensive commissions. He believes quality design should not be reserved only for projects of great magnitude.

Munger struggled academically at Michigan, eventually graduating with a biology degree. Polymer chemistry wasn’t particularly exciting to him so, on an impulse, he decided to travel across country to Duke University for mouse genetics studies.

At Blanche Capel’s lab he found an encouraging environment, which enabled him to develop his own research agenda. Now focused on exploiting advanced mouse populations containing abundant natural genetic variation combined with emerging genomic technologies to decipher complex molecular architecture underlying both normal development and disease states such as cornelia de Lange syndrome, his work seeks to leverage them effectively in his efforts.

Personal Life

Steve currently serves as Associate Director, Financial Systems Development at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Prior to that he held positions with GEICO and BlackRock before participating in Pelotonia rides for cancer research over 100 miles each year for three consecutive years.

He and his wife reside on an idyllic island where they operate a caretaking service for vacation homes. When not working they enjoy snowboarding, fishing and cruising their powerboat.

He and his wife have been blessed with an amazing family and group of friends. He is proud to be the proud parent of two girls and one boy; involved with numerous charities such as American Heart Association and AIDS Foundation of America; board member for Reedy Creek Improvement District which handles bond issuance as well as fire and emergency response; as well as being active members in his church community.

Net Worth

Munger is known to be an exceptional philanthropist despite his immense wealth. He has contributed generously to schools like Stanford and Michigan University dormitories; Costco; Wells Fargo among many others.

Munger has proven his mettle as an investor through his work at Berkshire Hathaway as Vice Chairman and close partner to Warren Buffett, contributing to its expansion by holding assets in insurance, rail transportation, energy production, manufacturing and more.

Munger has long expressed his skepticism of calls for higher taxes on the rich. At an annual meeting, he suggested that most concerns over wealth inequality and criticisms of those with great wealth are motivated by envy rather than truth. Munger is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $2.3 billion.

Steve Munger
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