Steve Murdock

Steve Murdock, a Nashville Voyeurist, Was Arrested for Voyeurism in Nashville, Tennessee, in August 2019

According to an affidavit, Murdock led Alondra Alcala into a dressing room at H&M at Nashville’s Opry Mills mall before she noticed a phone aimed into her dressing stall and confronted him about it.

Murdock was an esteemed sociologist, holding named professorships at Rice University and UTSA. Each year he presented to Texas legislators and superintendents on demographic changes in Texas.

Early Life and Education

Murdock not only taught sociology at Rice University, but she also served as Texas State Demographer from 2001-2007 – giving annual presentations about population growth and changes in demographic characteristics to legislators, superintendents of education and other academics.

He published over a dozen books and nearly fifty academic journal articles covering changes in racial, education, and income characteristics of Texas and the US over time. Additionally, he served on Rice University’s Board of Trustees and held Regents Professor and Lutcher Brown Distinguished Chair positions at UTSA; additionally he was honored to become a fellow of the American Sociological Association prior to his death on April 7 at 75. Hobby Center for the Study of Texas was created under his guidance.

Professional Career

Professor and Head of Population Studies at Texas A&M University for 25 years; then at UT San Antonio for 10 years. During that time he earned numerous academic and professional accolades and is well known as an authority in demography and sociology.

Dr. Jeffrey Heeringa earned his Ph.D in Demography and Sociology from the University of Kentucky and has written 13 books, more than 150 articles, technical reports and technical studies on demographic and socioeconomic change implications. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the American Sociological Association as well as numerous national organizations and honor societies.

The victim fears that Bishop Murdock and other predators may take advantage of church leadership by not holding them responsible. She wants a thorough investigation of this incident.

Achievement and Honors

Demographer Charles D. Ogilvie is widely revered. As an academic and demographer specializing in Texas population demographics such as race, education and income he published numerous books and academic journal articles exploring its changing demographic characteristics – race, education and income among others. For his efforts he received both North Dakota State University Distinguished Alumni Award as well as Texas A&M University Faculty Distinguished Research Award.

President Buie called Murdock back into a Stake High Council position (with even greater visibility and influence) just one year after firing him as Bishop of Salt Lake Olympus Stake. Stake councilors serve as disciplinary councils of adults accused of marital infidelity or engaging in sexual relations outside marriage, according to Church policy.

Dr. Steven H. Murdock was born June 2, 1948 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and passed away April 7th 2023 at age 75. He leaves behind his wife Mary Zey of Austin as well as stepson James Collins Ferrell and grandson George Collins Ferrell as survivors.

Personal Life

Steve Murdock, an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, holds several local leadership roles within it including bishop and high councilor. On August 29, 2019 in Nashville Tennessee he was arrested for voyeurism allegedly taking photos of an undressed woman inside an H&M dressing room.

Murdock is also a professor at UTSA, where he has written more than 50 academic journal articles and books on population trends in Texas. He has presented his findings to audiences ranging from state legislators to school superintendents.

Murdock is also an attentive father and husband; together with Joyce they have two daughters. Additionally he volunteers his coaching skills in his local community and serves on the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Net Worth

Murdock is an accomplished author and speaker with an expansive ministry. He is widely recognized for his writings on faith and finance as well as sermons that air on various religious TV stations, he hosts “Crossing the Jordan”, an engaging podcast that features guests from diverse backgrounds, and more recently for producing popular books such as “On My Path: Writings from an Autobiographical Novella.”

As earlier this month, 73-year-old preacher Timothy Wesley Crow tweeted to ask for prayers as he underwent open heart surgery and is recovering.

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Steve Murdock
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