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Steve Neighbors is a Multi-Entrepreneur

Steve neighbors has extensive practical business experience and remains current on global economic issues. Additionally, his skills remain up-to-date through regular attendance of educational courses and seminars.

On screen since 2007, Bridget Parker first made her debut in Neighbours alongside her parents-in-law Miranda Parker (Nikki Coghill) and daughter Bridget Parker. Subsequently, her father-in-law opened a veterinary clinic on Ramsay Street.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood experiences from birth to age 8 have an immense effect on brain architecture, setting the groundwork for later learning, behavior, and health. Research indicates that positive experiences set young children on a path for lasting success while negative or traumatic ones may leave lasting scars.

Steve was an ideal choice to lead the NFK Kids Zone expansion and new facility construction project when we received funding in 2008. His experience as a construction manager made him the go-to person when expanding Kids Zone with new facilities; as an expert generalist in wood frame, concrete, commercial/industrial, estimator/project manager as well as being part of his family business from a young age as a yardman/truck driver before progressing through fabrication mill shop fabricating wall panels and pre-hung doors fabrication.

Professional Career

Steve Neighbors has been an entrepreneur for four decades. During this time he has established and expanded multiple businesses – one being a sweeping service that expanded into an infrastructure construction concern with operations in 35 states. Steve also possesses considerable expertise in diagnosing financial management and production planning problems.

He is an experienced strategist who can quickly assess situations, identify unrealized opportunities and implement realistic plans that effectively resolve problems. He has proven his abilities in restructuring privately-held concerns to achieve success.

He and Tiffany met while covering MacMurray College campus for Jacksonville Journal-Courier newspaper in 1997, eventually marrying and opening Warmowski Photography together in 2007. Since then they have welcomed one son – Nicholas.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Neighbors has been honored by various organizations for his outstanding efforts. The Local Initiative Support Corporation honored him at its annual conference as a Rural Champion for his contributions to rural communities throughout the US. Additionally, Rural Neighborhood honored him with their Farmworker Housing Award while USC students recognized him for being a good neighbor.

Industry veterans value his skill at diagnosing project management and estimating issues using innovative, systematic solutions, drawing upon extensive practical business experiences as well as formal training. Companies across the nation use his services to address complex construction problems.

Personal Life

He loved his church and would greet people on their arrival by kneeling down and welcoming children at eye level. Additionally, he was an avid reader and leader for men’s bible study as well as volunteering his services at Vacation Bible School.

He was deeply committed to causes that promoted free enterprise and worker freedom, joining the Freedom Foundation and serving on the boards of both Everett Chamber of Commerce and Association for Washington Business.

Neighbours viewers would often see him, such as being kissed by Nicola West or becoming poisoned, or experiencing marriage troubles with Miranda. Unfortunately he died at Island Hospital in Anacortes Washington due to a viral brain infection on September 25, 2020.

Net Worth

Steve Neighbors has more than three decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. Starting as a sweeping company and evolving into a heavy highway construction firm with operations in 35 states, his growth averaged 100% per year for 12 consecutive years and earned him the Idaho Governor’s “Businessman of the Year” award and an article in Inc Magazine in 1986.

He currently owns and operates a law practice that specializes in DUI defense for those charged with drunk driving. By staying up-to-date on DUI laws and continually honing his skillset in this niche area, his clientele includes first time offenders as well as multiple repeat offenses. Both he and Vickie currently reside within Shea Preferred’s Encanterra community.

steve neighbors
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