Steve Pennington

Steve Pennington

Steve Pennington was once employed at Nintendo of America as a video game counselor, helping individuals who had issues with their NES games. Additionally, he is an author and performer – having created the Pro-Kids family show, which has been presented at over 3000 elementary schools nationwide.

He is a proponent of decreasing stigma associated with mental illness, having spoken publicly about his own struggles with anxiety and depression.

Early Life and Education

Mr. Steve Pennington hosted a youth talent search during the third weekend in July at Pell City Center, giving young singers from around Nashville an in-depth study in all facets of country music industry – recording sessions and performances at some of Nashville’s premier performance venues would follow this training program.

He received his honors degree in chemistry from Imperial College London and went on to obtain his PhD in biochemistry from Cambridge. Subsequently, he joined University of Liverpool’s Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology as a Wellcome Trust-funded lecturer.

Micah had an immense passion for music and enjoyed playing multiple instruments. Additionally, he excelled at basketball and golf; as well as serving East Africa with Trina.

Professional Career

Pennington suffered an unfortunate right shoulder injury during 2005 that proved difficult to heal properly and led to him having another surgery; as a result, he had to fill in for Chad Henne as backup quarterback and struggled with performance, under-performing expectations during that season.

Pennington loves his job because it provides him with the independence he needs to perform at his best, as well as providing new challenges through projects and assignments.

At his current role, he works with data and troubleshoots issues, using skills he acquired at tech boot camp. He enjoys working at his company with great rapport between himself and his bosses as well as great rapport between coworkers.

Achievement and Honors

Pennington earned two All-American quarterback honors at Marshall University and led them to victory in the 1998 Motor City Bowl, becoming a finalist for Heisman Trophy and earning recognition from the Mid-American Conference Player of the Year awards as well as being honored as part of its Athletic Hall of Fame.

Also serving as Chief, Bases, Ranges, and Airspace Policy Branch and leading 78 Airmen, his duties include integrating remotely piloted aircraft into US national and international airspace; facilitating global civil/military aviation integration; leading Air Force energy operations; and co-ordinating Air Force responses to natural disasters.

He has presented at many Human Proteome Organisation World Congresses and numerous conferences; additionally he developed important LC-MS workflows for pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA.

Personal Life

Steve has made it his life’s mission to produce family entertainment that encourages, inspires and conveys the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. He has written shows for theme parks as well as his Pro-Kids show which has been performed at over 3000 elementary schools nationwide and even at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

His research is focused on proteomics, an area which uses two-dimensional gel electrophoresis combined with mass spectrometry to investigate protein structure and function. He serves as reviewer for several scientific journals.

Pennington currently serves as Area Director for East Africa & India Ocean Basin (EAIOB). His vision for EAIOB is for every nation within EAIOB to have strong local AG congregations that reach every believer within walking distance, along with national churches that thrive and can share in its vision. Pennington is married and has three children.

Net Worth

He has held executive sales and business development roles with both private companies and government agencies, leading sales teams aimed at regional and national accounts including start-ups and large public sector accounts.

Pennington rose to fame playing the role of Ringmaster on Taxi, appearing in several movies such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Terms of Endearment Twins and Romancing the Stone. Additionally he served as director for Batman Returns movie as well as executive producer on Get Shorty television show.

At Maryland Environmental Services (MES), he currently holds the position of Managing Director of Business and Industry Sectors, in which he manages strategic partnerships and industry relationships of MES as well as leading its business development team for this $155MM Baltimore-area nonprofit organization.

Steve Pennington
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