Steve Shull

Steve Shull, a Deputy With the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

Shull played 41 NFL games for the Miami Dolphins before his career was cut short due to an unfortunate knee injury. Subsequently, he moved on into finance and real estate before starting his coaching company.

He has written over one hundred publications and serves on the editorial boards of several scholarly journals. He has explored subjects like presidential policy-making and American civil rights politics.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Shull was a deputy with the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office before his untimely death from metastatic lung cancer in November 2012. His family and law enforcement colleagues mourned their loss while paying their respects to this gentle, genuine individual who exuded an aura of service and professionalism that had an infectious influence.

Shull performed research at the Clinton Laboratory under Ernest Woolen to discover how neutron radiation from nuclear reactors could be used to probe material’s atomic structure, using neutron radiation produced from nuclear reactors as an analogy for light. His work led him to devise a technique by which relative positions of the atoms in any given material could be ascertained.

After leaving UNO, Shull taught for two years at Ohio State University as a Fulbright Senior Scholar and participated in volunteer efforts such as Gulf Coast Community Foundation and Chamber of Commerce of Venice.

Professional Career

Steven Mark Shull is a retired American football linebacker who played with the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins from 1980-1982 as one of three captains for their Super Bowl XVII loss team. Prior to that he attended William & Mary for his undergraduate education.

Over his 38-year environmental consulting career, Mr. Leach has provided services on an array of projects, such as acid mine drainage and the impact assessment for food animals contaminated with polybrominated biphenyls; further assisting clients to navigate through one of the largest agricultural contamination incidents ever witnessed in history.

He specializes in real estate coaching, coauthoring The Full Fee Agent with Chris Voss. Their book details how agents can save time, energy, and money by not discounting their services; furthermore they share a straightforward approach to prospecting and negotiating clients.

Achievement and Honors

Shull was a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins from 1980-1982 and served as one of their three captains during Super Bowl XVII. He played 41 games before suffering a career-ending knee injury which ultimately cut short his playing days.

Under Ernest Woolen at Clinton Laboratory (now Oak Ridge National Laboratory), he explored how neutrons produced by nuclear reactors could be used to probe materials’ structures using neutron diffraction technique, allowing scientists to accurately pinpoint relative positions of atoms within materials. His work led to its invention.

Shull has received several honors throughout his career, such as the National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award and Oliver E. Buckley Prize from the American Physical Society. Additionally, he holds memberships at both the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as Phi Beta Kappa.

Personal Life

Steve Shull was born March 27th 1958 in Philadelphia. As a linebacker he played for the Miami Dolphins from 1980-1982 as one of their captains when they lost Super Bowl XVII.

He was raised outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended The College of William and Mary in Virginia where he earned a BS degree before playing 41 NFL games with the Miami Dolphins as a linebacker before suffering a career-ending knee injury that ended his professional career.

Shull currently resides in Venice, Florida and is an active volunteer with Take Stock in Children, mentoring at-risk junior high students. Additionally, he belongs to Gulf Coast Community Foundation and sits on Capella condominium association’s board.

Net Worth

According to numerology, Steve Shull’s life path number is 8. People born under this sign tend to be natural leaders with great financial success. Additionally, Shull possesses strong intuition which aids him in making wise decisions at just the right time.

Shull was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1958. As a linebacker he played for the Miami Dolphins from 1980-1982 – captating them when they lost Super Bowl XVII! Additionally he attended The College of William and Mary as an undergraduate football player.

Shull and his wife Katerina currently reside in Brentwood, California with their two daughters. Shull enjoys playing golf and practicing martial arts in his free time as well as traveling with his family. In his off time he likes reading books on history, politics, and economics to stay informed on a range of issues.

Steve Shull
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