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Indiana Rock History Founder and Co-Owner Steve Sybesma

Steve Sybesma of Indiana Rock History takes great pleasure in compiling concert dates into a database for Indiana Rock History as an act of history preservation – especially given that he helped shape live music history while co-owning Sunshine Promotions.

Sybesma credits Sunshine’s rise as an act to three Bachman-Turner Overdrive shows held simultaneously in Indianapolis, Evansville and Louisville in 1975 as its turning point.

Early Life and Education

Steve was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and raised in Grant. There he attended elementary and secondary school. An athletic teenager, Steve participated in basketball, football, track & field as well as academic excellence – eventually meeting Julie Cierlak – his soul mate – during senior year of high school.

Sybesma began his career as a bulldozer operator before joining Sunshine Promotions, which started its inaugural Isaac Hayes show in 1971. Alongside partner Dave Lucas, Sybesma helped grow Sunshine Promotions into an award-winning operation; including building Noblesville’s Ruoff Music Center and renovating Indianapolis’ Old National Centre.

He maintained an optimistic approach even during difficult trials and kept his family close. He was an ardent husband, father, grandfather and friend who took great pleasure in traveling with Julie, Catrina and Jeffrey as his traveling companions.

Professional Career

Steve Sybesma wasn’t simply compiling decades of concerts when he launched Indiana Rock History website and Facebook group this summer – as co-owner of Sunshine Promotions from 1974 to 2000, he played an active role in hundreds of events that took place within Indiana state borders.

After co-founding his company with fellow Indianapolis native Dave Lucas, Sybesma expanded it to become one of the Midwest’s premier promoters, booking 200 or more concerts annually in Indiana and its neighboring states. Alongside booking live music events, this duo also produced fairs and expositions, exhibition basketball tournaments and four-wheel-drive truck pulls.

Sybesma left Sunshine in 2000 to pursue other projects, such as building the Deer Creek Music Center in Indianapolis and renovating Old National Centre there. He also founded and still oversees Florida’s Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.

Achievement and Honors

As part of Monroe County Bar Association, Sybesma organized disaster assistance clinics for victims of Hurricane Irma. She assisted those dealing with landlord-tenant issues after their homes had been destroyed and also helped individuals obtain FEMA claims and apply for food stamps.

Szytek, Donna — of Salem in Rockingham County New Hampshire is a Republican. She attended the Republican National Convention from New Hampshire in 1988 as a delegate. Unfortunately her burial location remains unknown.

Personal Life

Sybesma also runs Indiana Rock History, an online database and Facebook group which compiles decades of concert dates. Additionally, this project makes available details that would otherwise remain private such as ticket sales figures and artist salaries at the time of each show’s performance.

Sybesma, Lucas and Paul Peck founded this site. As their company specializes in music and arts festivals – having produced once-in-a-lifetime artist collaborations for 13 editions of Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival; in addition to helping launch Phish’s camping-festival lineup in upstate New York! – these founders contributed greatly.

steve sybesma
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