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The Man Who Beat His Coworker to Death With a Baseball Bat

Steve Tilbury has been charged with murder after allegedly beating his coworker to death with a baseball bat at Ritchey Buick GMC dealership in Daytona Beach on November 23. Police report he entered the maintenance bay from his truck, pulled out a baseball bat from it, and attacked another employee with it before pulling his truck out again to leave again.

Early Life and Education

In 1984, Tilbury engaged in an extended shooting spree. Believing that secret organizations were persecuting him and poisoning the water supply with drugs, he shot multiple individuals but only caused one injury before eventually being found legally insane and admitted to Patton State Hospital for treatment.

Tilbury maintained that he was not insane during his spree and sought a jury trial on his fitness to be released from confinement; however, the court declined to appoint one.

Tilbury asserted that the ALJ’s calculation of his income was incorrect and contained clerical errors, since she used actual earnings of his first year and added to them a one-time tax refund payment totaling $6,000. There was no legal basis for her approach.

Professional Career

He has built up an extensive following on Tiktok, posting films about business, investment, and finance. Additionally, he often shares humorous anecdotes from his life that his viewers appreciate hearing about.

Tilbury had an insatiable desire for money-making that saw him open his first firm at age 16 (despite never finishing high school).

On Nov 23rd, an unprovoked attack took place when he pulled up to Ritchey Autos in his truck, grabbed a metal baseball bat from his pickup and ran toward Cummings who was at his desk doing paperwork. He took one swing with the bat which connected with Cummings’ head.

Crimegrade gives Daytona Beach metro area an overall crime rating of B, and violent crimes slightly outpace national average.

Achievement and Honors

Tilbury quickly exceeded sales goals by triple digits for his entire portfolio in his inaugural year as manager, having previously managed several luxury wine and spirits portfolios.

He was honored with SAE’s Vincent Bendix Engineering Excellence Award. Additionally, he published several articles in leading journals in the field of automated vehicles.

Tilbury has become increasingly prominent on TikTok over time, amassing millions of followers and millions of views for his videos. Recently he has begun producing similar material on YouTube by reposting his TikTok content to reach a wider audience; additionally he holds a senior research scientist position within The University of Washington’s Dynamic Systems and Control Division.

Personal Life

Have you ever experienced a nightmare-esque dream that seemed so realistic, that you weren’t sure whether it was real or imagined? Being unable to differentiate can be disorienting and uncomfortable.

Tilbury is currently behind bars facing charges for battery and murder after allegedly assaulting his co-worker with a metal bat at Ritchey Autos car dealership in Daytona Beach, Florida. Investigators suspect they had become embroiled in an argument the day prior.

Fearne Cotton and Denise Van Outen of Fearne Cotton’s song list; Amy Nuttall from TV personality; Alex Jones who hosts the X Factor show were some of his longtime lovers before marrying photographer Phylicia Jackson in 2014 (they share one child together).

Net Worth

Tilbury managed to amass an impressive net worth despite dropping out of school, due to hard work and resilience. A self-made millionaire himself, Tilbury has earned great respect from viewers through teaching them business, personal finance and investing lessons.

Tilbury also hosts a podcast and maintains two additional YouTube channels called Mark Tilbury Xtra and Like Father, Like Son?. On one channel he reposts TikTok videos to reach a larger audience while on another he uploads video versions of his podcast episodes to create connections between popular YouTubers and successful businesspeople.

His current residence is a beautiful house in Portobello, Notting Hill with his wife. Together they share one son and live their lives without any conflicts or tension.

steve tilbury
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