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Steve Watterson Retires As Titans Strength and Conditioning Coach

Longtime Titans strength and conditioning coach Steve Watterson announced his retirement on Friday. As the longest-tenured assistant coach in NFL history, his retirement is significant.

He possesses extensive teaching and research interests in private law. His focus lies on studying interactions among genes, proteins and small molecules which determine biological function; how these interact in disease; and whether these networks can be reprogrammed therapeutically.

Early Life and Education

Watterson attended Kenyon College, where he contributed cartoons for the school paper and painted Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam on his dorm room ceiling. Following graduation, he ventured into comic strip cartooning. Calvin and Hobbes was his debut series produced for Universal Press Syndicate that went national shortly thereafter.

Watterson and his family have made Tennessee their home, finding it friendly and family-oriented. Unfortunately, during NFL season he cannot go back home for visits; nevertheless he believes that this small price to pay for such a fulfilling life. Together he and his wife have six children between the ages of 10 to 27.

Professional Career

Watterson first debuted “Calvin and Hobbes” cartoon strip in 1985. The strip followed rambunctious first grader Calvin, as he pursued an adventure with Hobbes – his beloved stuffed tiger friend from school – which quickly found an enthusiastic following; Watterson eventually becoming one of youngest cartoonists ever to win a Reuben Award, the industry’s highest honor.

Watterson spent 32 years as strength and conditioning coach with the Titans, seeing six head coaching changes during that time and becoming one of the longest-tenured strength and conditioning coaches in NFL. He plans to retire by 2020.

Watterson also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for Alliance for Natural Health. As a licensed geoscientist and hydrogeologist in both British Columbia and Washington State, he possesses expertise in waste water treatment, disposal and geological consulting as well as environmental analysis.

Achievement and Honors

Watterson has remained with the Titans through multiple relocations and six coaching changes, becoming their longest-tenured strength and conditioning coach in NFL history. He adheres to two core principles that inform his daily schedule.

He holds both a first class MPhys Hons from Edinburgh University and a PhD in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin. His academic research is focused on systems biology as well as developing novel mathematical and computational approaches to studying biological systems.

His current project involves researching and creating Systems Biology Graphical Notation, a visual language designed to facilitate the representation, visualization, storage, exchange and reuse of complex biochemical networks. Furthermore, he is studying non-equilibrium systems alongside Chris Jarzynski at Los Alamos Laboratories.

Personal Life

Watterson began attending Kenyon College in Ohio in 1976, producing cartoons about student life for their campus newspaper and replicating Michelangelo’s masterpiece ‘The Creation of Adam’ onto his dorm room ceiling. Following graduation he became a political cartoonist for Cincinnati Post but was disappointed to find they did not value his artistic ambitions.

Watterson often took readers by surprise with bold departures in style and artwork, often offering sharp criticism of television, superhero comics, hunting for sport or commercialism – including any form of character merchandisers trying to exploit his work – along with strong political statements against television, superhero comics, game hunting and commercialism. Watterson served as professional NFL strength and conditioning coach and currently holds the longest tenured training stint of any team ever in league history.

Net Worth

Steve Watterson has established a remarkable career in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with their diverse portfolio and providing inspiration for many followers. Additionally, this renowned influencer actively collaborates with various brands and organizations – expanding his sphere of influence while cementing continued success.

Watterson has served the Titans strength and conditioning coach since 1986, through six coaching staff changes during that time. In fact, he is the longest-tenured assistant coach with one franchise in the NFL.

Watterson plans on retiring to Rhode Island one day; the state holds special meaning to him as both of his mother’s sisters reside there and frequenting his alma mater, the University of Rhode Island, to take part in various events and conferences.

Steve Watterson
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