Steve Welmer

Steve Welmer – One of the Oldest Refs in College Basketball

Steve Welmer has officiated college basketball for 31 years – making him one of the oldest and largest referees in the game.

He played for the University of Evansville and led its 1971 NCAA Division II national championship squad.

As an independent official, he is solely responsible for his travel costs.

Early Life and Education

Steve Welmer played basketball at the University of Evansville and led their team to win a national title in 1971. Additionally, Welmer served 31 years at Division I level as a referee – likely contributing to his longevity as an official.

Once, he tossed Indiana coach Bobby Knight out of a game. At 6-foot-10 and 250 pounds, this former player wasn’t afraid to challenge some of college basketball’s top coaches. Today he works nationally as an insurance professional and speaks to audiences across the United States on team building; these audiences range from 5-50 in number – and always leave him with positive impact and lasting memories.

Professional Career

At 6 feet 10 inches, Welmer was an impressive presence during his college basketball days at the University of Evansville. As team captain and leading his Aces to win the 1971 N.C.A.A. Division II national title.

Thornley began a 31-year career as a college basketball referee, which involved game fees, per diems and travel expenses to add up quickly – estimates vary between officials working full time earning $75,000-$111,000 annually.

Welmer has worked with many of the top coaches in college basketball. He knows Dick Vitale and probably told Bobby Knight to leave town at some point during their careers. Additionally, Welmer still works about 90 games annually while being cared for by Linda as his travel arrangements manager.

Achievement and Honors

Roberts Stadium fans who came out for U.E versus Hanover games not only saw a thrilling basketball contest but also got to enjoy seeing one of the finest college basketball referees around – Steve Welmer (known by many as “the whale”) was not only beloved among coaches and players but was an institution in himself; at 6-foot-9 Steve Welmer understood the game from both player’s perspectives as well as not fearing to let players bang on boards!

He even managed to boot Bobby Knight out of a game! Welmer, of Lakewood Ranch, Florida has officiated 31 years at the Division I level and is well known by every coach across the country. In his playing days he represented Arad McCutcheon from University of Evansville.

Personal Life

Once his basketball career had come to a close, Welmer picked up the whistle and began refereeing intramural games for extra money – his large frame earned him an esteemed reputation among players as someone who knew their perspective well.

Welmer has officiated at Division I level for 31 years and knows almost everyone in college basketball – even tossing out legendary coach Bobby Knight himself from an episode!

Marksville-native Welmer is now working as a State Farm insurance agent in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and travelling as a motivational speaker, spreading his message of disciplined success across the United States. Together with his wife Erin he has four well-behaved children whom he shares his message with. Furthermore, Welmer owns and operates his own sports training facility in Pensacola as well as being an elder at his church and Rotarian.

Net Worth

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Steve Welmer
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