Steve Whalen

Steve Whalen

He was generous and accepting of all, without ever passing judgment on them. His love extended even to animals such as energetic puppies and lap dogs that needed his gentle touch.

Whalen has extensive expertise in complex financial transactions, such as leasing and securitization. He has written four books on UCC Article 2A as well as co-authoring two Matthew Bender treatises on Commercial Finance and Equipment Leasing.

Early Life and Education

Steven Whalen hails from Lockport, New York. An avid sports enthusiast and passionate golfer/fisherman himself, Steven also takes great pleasure in spending time with his family as an Ohio State Buckeye and Columbus Blue Jacket fan.

He demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility and giving back to his community through his company, City Realty. With its charitable arm providing unique experiences for children while providing essential educational resources.

Steve was tragically killed while apprehending a suspect outside Herbert’s Bar at 521 Xenia Ave, Dayton on March 21, 1991. A memorial fund was set up in his name, while East Dayton named a street after him. Steve was an exceptional police officer, always being available and willing to assist those within his community.

Professional Career

Whalen has earned two Olympic gold medals and four WNBA championships with Minnesota Lynx, as well as being recognized in 2022 Women’s National Basketball Hall of Fame class.

She was chosen fourth overall in 2004 for Connecticut Sun. Though initially dismayed at their choice of draft pick, it turned out to be beneficial to her career in many ways.

Whalen has amassed an extensive following on social media by being candid about her life, even discussing depression openly. She has started several businesses – some successful and some not so much – before establishing one that helps people with their real estate needs; one of her primary focuses. Whalen also engages in community service work by serving on her city council.

Achievement and Honors

As team leader, Whalen strives to complete any task efficiently and effectively. A natural leader himself, he can motivate others towards becoming their best selves while being an excellent communicator and possessing extensive commercial real estate brokerage experience.

Whalen has made significant strides toward improving the efficiency of his court through his service as magistrate judge. He chairs monthly meetings of all six magistrate judges and serves as liaison with district judges; additionally he supervises staff lawyers specializing in prisoner habeas petitions.

Whalen has an unorthodox personality but nonetheless harbors a sincere desire to help others. He founded multiple businesses and believes sharing his successes and failures will assist others. Whalen champions transparency and honesty when posting content online; something he attributes as key factors of his success.

Personal Life

Steve Whalen is a member of Namastay Sober and an advocate for helping those in recovery build new lives through wellness-oriented community events. Additionally, he serves as one of three advisors for The Base, a non-profit that offers exceptional baseball training alongside education and career resources to empower young student athletes.

As an adjunct professor, he teaches law of contracts and other real estate subjects at CUNY Hunter College. Additionally, he regularly presents lectures and publishes on leasing, equipment finance and securitization topics.

Whalen and Cat Lukaszewski met while searching for Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles in 2016. As their relationship deepened during the pandemic, it led them to marry each other shortly thereafter.

Net Worth

Whalen is best known as the creator of the Macintosh Forensic Survival Course, PALADIN and RECON forensic software programs and provides worldwide training services in these areas. He has worked closely with law enforcement, DEA, FBI and Department of State agencies.

Whalen also acts as legal advisor and bank representative, representing them in financing various industrial, housing, commercial, energy and telecommunication projects. He has successfully negotiated and structured numerous finance transactions relating to aircraft, railcars, vehicles equipment and maritime assets as lease financing transactions.

Whalen currently resides in Clinton Township, Michigan at 43833 Medea Dr. He is a regular guest political analyst on Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN as well as nationally syndicated radio shows hosted by John Batchelor and Lars Larson. According to his Form 4, he has conducted many insider trades worth more than $6.57 Million dollars involving Pool stock purchases/sales transactions reported on his Form 4.

Steve Whalen
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