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Lifetime Achievement Award for Steven Birdsall

Steven Birdsall serves as the Executive Vice President of Sales for Qlik, an enterprise business intelligence software company located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. As such, he oversees Qlik’s global sales organization.

His interest in aviation history began during a visit to Vietnam as a journalist and flying missions in an A-1 Skyraider. Subsequent research focused on four-engine bombers; thus inspiring several books like ‘Log of the Liberators’.

Early Life and Education

Steven Birdsall and Tom Sephton were best friends at Great Sankey High School in Warrington. Together they played football and rugby before both joining the Armed Forces at 18 – fulfilling childhood ambitions within three weeks of each other while serving their nation. Unfortunately both died while serving their nation in Afghanistan.

Marine Birdsall of Bravo Company of 40 Commando Royal Marines was shot at a checkpoint in northern Sangin on Sunday 13 June 2010. He was airlifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham but sadly passed away later that evening.

He leaves two daughters and his partner behind, as well as a brother and sister he left behind, along with an extensive network of relatives and close friends. While his passions included baseball, trucks and food, his true joy came from being part of family and friendship groups.

Professional Career

Steven Birdsall serves as Executive Vice President of Global Sales for Qlik, a business intelligence software provider located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. In this capacity he leads their worldwide sales organization including pre-sales, enablement and operations. Prior to joining Qlik he held executive roles at Radial Inc as both EVP and CRO while holding several global leadership roles at SAP including overseeing industry cloud portfolio planning activities; Adobe Systems; Computer Sciences Corporation and Diebold Inc; as well as senior roles within all three organizations.

Marine Birdsall brought her impressive skill set and physical fitness to the Buffalo Beauts, ranking as one of the fittest players in the NWHL. Her passion for hockey and commitment to helping others endeared her to all. As one of 40 Commando’s best teammates and friends, Marine was always willing to go the extra mile in supporting our squadron’s goals and objectives.

Achievement and Honors

The Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers is delighted to honor Steve Birdsall with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his many and varied contributions to geography, SEDAAG, and the AAG. Steve served as editor of the Southeastern Geographer and regional councillor of AAG before holding various elected positions within SEDAAG.

John has published numerous articles and books on aviation history for Air Classics, Flying Review International, Airpower Historian and the AAHS Journal. Additionally he was briefly appointed aviation correspondent during Vietnam conflicts during the 1960s while flying missions with A-1 Skyraider aircraft.

Dr. Kate Birdsall personifies the values that we hold as CSE students. Her dedication to collaboration, mentoring and student success make her an invaluable member of our team.

Personal Life

Steven Birdsall was an individual who always put forth effort, emerging as one of the rising stars among Marine recruits and showing great potential for future growth. A kind person, Steven enjoyed baseball, trucks and food as well as spending time with his family. He will be sorely missed and is survived by both parents and siblings.

He was serving in Northern Sangin with Bravo Company, 40 Commando Royal Marines when he received a gunshot wound on 13 June 2010, which resulted in his death at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on 14 June 2010.

Marine Birdsall and Private Sephton had attended Great Sankey High School in Warrington together, sharing an affinity for rugby and football. Both decided as teenagers to serve their nation by joining the military forces.

Net Worth

He currently holds the roles of Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Anaplan, an online planning platform pioneering a new era of connected planning. With more than two decades of leadership experience under his belt generating significant revenue gains and leading successful growth initiatives.

He has held several global leadership roles at SAP, such as COO and SVP responsibilities. In addition, he managed the industry cloud portfolio at SAP as well as sales/sales management roles at Adobe Systems, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and Diebold Inc.

He owns multiple businesses, such as JG Pears Holdings which made profits of PS82m in 2013; chairing Chesterfield FC to win League Two’s 2013-14 title; as well as several private investments totalling around 80 million USD in assets.

Steven Birdsall
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