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Steve Blessing is a Senior Vice President with MB Financial Bank where he leads their Treasury Management Services Client Support organization and acts as guitarist in Wax on Water band.

Blessing brought this action against Ohio University alleging gender discrimination, hostile work environment and retaliation violations of Title VII. Ohio University moved for summary judgment on all claims brought forth against them.

Early Life and Education

Steven Blessing is a tireless student, committed to improving Ohio for its residents. His primary focus has been education policy as he believes high quality schools are essential to an thriving economy and jobs creation. Steven also advocates for economic policies which foster growth and create growth-friendly conditions.

He is a member of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and regularly speaks out on digital issues pertaining to gig economy inequality, fossil fuel divestment within the Church and climate change in general – as well as being an influential voice on climate change within Parliament.

His wife Ann and he both are actively involved in their local church, including running an outstanding mother and toddler group. Together they have three children; one son and two daughters (both attending university).

Professional Career

Blessing, as a teenager, excelled as an outstanding Nebraska high school state champion wrestler before joining LeTourneau University to compete at college level undefeated. Nowadays he uses his engineering expertise in running 10 Great Clips hair salons – with one in Granbury and plans for four more opening up in Texas and elsewhere.

He also oversees domestic warehousing, transportation and food distribution for Operation Blessing International – best known for their international relief and development programs but equally crucial in domestic development efforts.

Blessing has helped his organization develop an efficient distribution process and is responsible for expanding his team to meet increased international sea and air shipments demand. His ultimate aim is to offer maximum efficiency while expanding his organization further.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1996, Blessed has served as the narrator for the part-work series Story Teller and provided voiceovers for numerous children’s audio books. Additionally, he has made appearances on several UK TV shows like Stars in Their Eyes (impersonating Luciano Pavarotti) and BBC satirical show Have I Got News for You (2006 and 2011).

His roles include Sir Rowland Cabot from Return to Treasure Island and General Yevlenko in Doctor Who episode Mindwarp; as well as being featured as The Big Knights protagonist and Clayton from Disney’s Tarzan.

As well as his personal accomplishments, Zeis and Frosene have had an immense effect on their alma mater by dedicating Zeis Hall in 2009 and creating numerous scholarships. Furthermore, their philanthropy efforts include supporting medicine, the arts and religious institutions.

Personal Life

Blessing earned his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees at Carnegie Mellon University and later taught cognitive psychology as a professor at the University of Texas, where his expertise can be seen nationwide through training tools created online training and tutoring tools he created himself.

He has also published several papers about how people learn, particularly how problem solvers begin bypassing steps when approaching solving problems. Furthermore, he has created curricula for teaching mathematics classes as well as presented his research at national meetings.

He is survived by his son Connor and lives in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. Additionally, his siblings: Jamie (David) Nienhuis of Lawton ND; Janice Steinhauser from Stanberry MO; Jeff Blessing from King City MO and Ellen Spidle who now resides Shawnee Kansas are his surviving relatives.

Net Worth

He currently works as an Instagram influencer and content creator, creating articles, comments, and reactions which focus on individual lives or advice for young leaders who will lead tomorrow.

He owns multiple businesses in framing, landscaping and concrete services as well as investments that span different sectors of the economy. He strategically diversified his investments to avoid becoming overextended in one area of investment.

SteveWillDoIt has amassed an extensive following on YouTube, with videos chronicling various challenges he’s been set by his followers. His Vlogs typically contain an abundance of food, alcohol and cannabis consumption.

Steven Blessing
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