Steven Boes

Father Steven Boes

Steven Boes is a respected national expert on child development. A strong proponent for reforming the current child welfare system to enhance treatment methods, he oversees a vast range of high-quality programs and services which benefit over 2 million people nationwide each year.

Boys Town appointed him national executive director in 2005 and since then has implemented their innovative Continuum of Care across America. An ordained Roman Catholic priest with degrees in sociology, systematic theology, and divinity he currently resides in Baltimore with his family.

Early Life and Education

Fr Steven Boes is the National Executive Director at Boys Town. As such, he is widely revered and trusted among children and families and a tireless champion for reforming child welfare and juvenile justice systems to make them more responsive, effective, and just.

He was ordained in 1985 and went on to serve as a parish priest, youth minister, Catholic school teacher, director of St Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago Nebraska and more.

Boys Town appointed him national executive director in 2005, and under his guidance has developed an integrated continuum of care across America. Under his watchful eye Boys Town has become known for advocating on behalf of children and their families while championing neurobehavioral research to advance treatment methods.

Professional Career

Hudson Products Corp employs him as a licensed professional engineer specializing in air-cooled heat exchangers. With 18 years’ experience and a Bachelor of Science from Ohio State University’s mechanical engineering program and membership to ASME he specializes in air-cooled heat exchangers.

He was appointed President and National Executive Director in 2005 and quickly established himself as an advocate for children, the Boys Town organization and youth welfare/justice systems.

Father Steven Boes began his work at Boys Town after serving as director of St. Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago, Nebraska. A Roman Catholic priest with degrees in sociology, systematic theology, divinity from St Paul Seminary College (St Paul, Minnesota) as well as a master’s in counseling from Creighton University of Omaha (Omaha, Nebraska), Father Boes brings years of experience to Boys Town as an experienced director and counselor.

Achievement and Honors

Father Steven Boes has earned numerous achievements and honors throughout his career, earning great respect from male employees at Boys Town. A passionate advocate for children, Father Boes has also led reforming current child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

He was ordained for the Archdiocese of Omaha in 1985 and spent 12 years as a parish priest, mostly as youth minister and Catholic school teacher. Before coming to Boys Town he served eight years as director of St Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago Nebraska.

Father Boes joined Boys Town as president and national executive director in 2005. He regularly visits Father Flanagan’s tomb at Dowd Chapel campus to pray for all the young people the organization serves.

Personal Life

Since 2005, Father Boes has served as Executive Director of Boys Town. As the fourth director, Edward Flanagan established Boys Town as a nonprofit organization, where homeless boys could come together and create their own village-like community where they would govern themselves through democratic elections.

Boys Town operates from over 50 sites across the U.S. and provides care to over 43,000 youth annually, making it one of the oldest nonsectarian direct care children’s organizations in America.

As executive director, he has overseen several expansions of the organization. Additionally, he is an active member of Father Flanagan League Society of Devotion and regularly visits his tomb at Dowd Chapel to pray for its work.

Net Worth

Steven Boes is an established businessman and family man with expertise in several areas. He is best known as an award-winning director of films such as Mythic Journeys (2009) and Ugly on the Inside (2005); as well as serving as producer or consultant on multi-million dollar studio and network television projects. Steven is an active community member, supporting various local causes and organizations through donations of time or funds.

He currently sits on the Kitsap County Planning Commission and The Brittany Foundation’s Board of Directors; as well as founding Imaginal Cells FilmWorks in Los Angeles he advocates for reform of child welfare and juvenile justice systems that are responsive, effective, and just – raising funds and volunteering his services with Boys Town as part of this cause.

Steven Boes
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