Steven Eldridge

The Life of Steven Eldridge

Steve Eldridge will join the RLC Warriors next season after signing a national letter of intent. Hailing from Murphysboro, Eldridge will compete in long and triple jump events.

In 2015, he was arrested in relation to a drive-by shooting that resulted in the death of 20-year-old Tavin Yeakey from west Indianapolis in Indianapolis. Indiana Metropolitan Police Department detectives conducted interrogations of him; however he refused to reveal any incriminating details against himself.

Early Life and Education

Steven Eldridge was an exceptional father, always making his children the priority in his life. Never missing an event such as music recital or sports competition, his children held onto every moment spent together fondly.

He specialized in helping companies understand and comply with Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) guidelines, while also working with individuals and families seeking consultative financial and investment guidance.

Eldridge & Company was established in 1972 as an employee benefits consulting firm, under his direction as founder and chairman. Eldridge became Hoenn League Champion after Wallace turned down the opportunity. Eldridge owns a Metagross which he used to rescue Ruby from rampaging Mawile in Granite Cave and later combined forces with Sapphire’s Lorry and Relly against Team Magma and Aqua.

Professional Career

Steven Eldridge serves as a Partner at Thornton Jones Family Law and brings with him over 15 years of experience. He has an in-depth knowledge of workers’ compensation laws throughout Pennsylvania.

He has the capacity to address even the most complex legal matters with ease and boasts an expansive client list.

Eldridge earned all-conference defensive line accolades while at Hiram College and has also served as an assistant coach of football, boys’ and girls’ basketball, track & field programs at KIPP Memphis Preparatory Middle School in Memphis.

Murphysboro High School senior Steve Eldridge signed this week a national letter of intent with Rend Lake College Warriors to compete in long and triple jumping next year, which should put him in great stead for competing at state championships in these events.

Achievement and Honors

Steven is an accomplished trial lawyer, having tried cases to successful jury verdicts across the United States and argued at both State and Federal Court of Appeal levels. His practice encompasses various forms of civil litigation such as personal injury, products liability, mass torts, environmental, automotive/transportation litigation among others.

Eldridge stands accused of driving his vehicle into an Amish caravan on Lynn Street on July 19, 2015 and causing their deaths, all members of the Amish community. Eldridge remains both jailed and at Rochester Psychiatric Center as part of this case.

Since 2010, UROK has also served as co-manager to UK rapper Plan B, earning four-times Platinum status with 2010’s knuckleduster soul album. Furthermore, its London office oversees pop starlet Jess Glynne and Glassnote-signed troubadour Tom Odell – among many others.

Personal Life

Eldridge’s professional career extends well beyond financial advisory services; he is also a co-founding member of New York Voices, an internationally acclaimed vocal ensemble which has performed at some of the world’s premier venues and festivals.

Tiamat was an ancient Mesopotamyan goddess who personified salt water and chaos of creation, believed by some scholars to be the mother of all gods and goddesses, including heaven’s king of both realms.

Eldridge’s personal life includes avid support for Philadelphia Eagles football team. In his free time he enjoys golfing and collecting eagles as hobbies. Furthermore, Eldridge enjoys spending time with family and friends; having two children of his own living with his wife in Amarillo Texas as well as many nieces, nephews, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren he can call family members.

Net Worth

Steven Graham remains very discreet regarding his finances; however, various online sources estimate his net worth. Additionally, he stars in the popular reality television series Maine Cabin Masters where he and Ashley, among other cast members, refurbish and restore cabins throughout Maine.

Brad Jacobs transformed rural trash hauling into one of the country’s top trucking companies, becoming one of the richest men. Additionally, he invested in an automated warehouse company which went public and now runs Walmart’s regional distribution centers.

Todd Boehly co-founded Eldridge Holding Company and is a Forbes 400 member. His investments span from Bruce Springsteen’s song rights and daily fantasy sports betting site DraftKings to minority stakes in both Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers teams.

Steven Eldridge
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