Steven Field

Steven Field is a Trusted Advisor to Institutional Investors, Local Property Owners and Occupiers of Industrial, R&D/Flex and Office Properties

Steven Field possesses extensive expertise in commercial real estate. He serves as a trusted advisor to institutional investors, local property owners and tenants occupying industrial, R&D/flex and office properties located within North County San Diego.

Field believed in the Declaration of Independence’s principle that people have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, he held that the 14th Amendment protected individuals’ freedom to pursue their calling by courts acting to enforce it against state legislatures.

Early Life and Education

Steven Field grew up in Ambler, Pennsylvania. While at the University of Pittsburgh he became involved with campus Jewish life and served on Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity’s executive board. Additionally, Steven enjoyed traveling and exploring new horizons off-road.

He is widely known as an influential proponent of immaterialism, publishing Mind: The Realm of Reality and Living With Nature as books related to this doctrine.

He is an outspoken proponent of substantive due process. This was evidenced in his dissents in both Slaughter-House Cases and Munn v. Illinois where he asserted that protections provided under the Due Process clause extended not just to procedural rights but also included protections of property interests.

Professional Career

Steven has over fifteen years of brokerage experience representing institutional investors, local property owners and occupiers alike. He specializes in industrial, R&D/Flex and office properties throughout North County San Diego.

His legal practice includes litigation matters in several fields, including class actions; wage and hour claims; restrictive covenant violations; misappropriation of trade secrets (with one of the first ex parte seizure orders issued under Defend Trade Secrets Act); trade secret misappropriation (and one of the first ex parte seizure orders under said Act); as well as providing advice and defending companies from claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation in the workplace.

He has extensive experience working with rapidly expanding tech companies, revamping back-office systems and processes to accommodate for scaled operations. He has an established track record of leading organizations towards significant business growth through efficient operations management, effective financial oversight and client satisfaction.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Field is renowned expert in industrial design. As such, he helps his students form holistic approaches to the design process from day one in their first-year studio class and integrate business thinking with design.

Field was responsible for recruiting at the University of Louisville during his time as its recruiting coordinator and signed 19 students during its initial early signing period, including two four-star recruits and two Under Armour All-Americans.

At Louisville in 2022, he led their top-ranked class and included future NFL draftees and All-ACC performers as part of his guidance. Furthermore, in 2014-15 he served as North Marion Senior High’s offensive backs coach, helping win their inaugural regional title!

Field actively supported the Equal Rights Amendment during his time on the Supreme Court and participated in Munn v. Illinois as well as writing 544 opinions – more than any other justice except Chief Justice Marshall himself.

Personal Life

Steve Field is an internationally acclaimed sculptor, muralist and mosaicist primarily working in the West Midlands region. A member of Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, Contemporary Glass Society and British Association of Modern Mosaic as well as Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Art Advisory & Coordination Services; Steve resides with his family near West Bromwich.

Justice Field was an early proponent of libertarian legal thinkers’ view that substantive due process protects more than simply procedural rights, as evidenced in his dissents in both Slaughter-House Cases and Munn v. Illinois cases.

He is survived by his brother Robbin, sister Tami Field Jacquemart, nieces Bridgette, Kayla and Katie; nephews Bobby and Matthew; cousins; as well as Doc the Cockatiel. A memorial service was held for him in Louisville, Kentucky and his family would like to thank Woodside Village staff for providing exceptional care during this difficult time.

Net Worth

Steven Field has transitioned into a successful businessman and entrepreneur following an exceptional athletic career. His estimated net worth exceeds $200 Million thanks to playing and broadcasting contracts, investment ventures and endorsement deals.

Seymour Schulich owns several luxury properties and owns his own mega-yacht. Additionally, his philanthropy supports educational and health initiatives in his home country of Canada; even the Schulich School of Business at York University bears his name – it was even named in his honour!

He currently manages HGGC, an investment firm focused on niche software companies. Additionally, he has published multiple books. Based out of Palo Alto with his wife and children, he spends most of his time doing business and networking.

Steven Field
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