Steven Gabaldon

Steven Gabaldon, PA-C

Steven Gabaldon, PA-C is currently practicing at OrthoArizona in San Tan Valley and accepts multiple insurance plans.

He saved over 1,000 Japanese soldiers during the Battle of Saipan and is being honored for his feat with a documentary film; yet, he never received America’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor.

Early Life and Education

Steve Gabaldon was born in East Los Angeles, California. As a teenager he worked shining shoes on Skid Row. Later, during World War II he served in the Marine Corps and captured hundreds of enemy soldiers and civilians without firing a single shot – earning himself the Silver Star medal as a result of his heroic deeds.

Gabaldon made a vigorous bid for the Medal of Honor but was denied it, on grounds that his superior general, Captain John Schwabe argued he captured more people than Sgt. Alvin York had during World War I – which earned him the award instead.

His loving mother, Toni; sisters Linda Puente and Cindy Osborne; children Devin, Demetri, Julianna and a grandson who was born February 8th as well as numerous loving aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews cousins and friends are left behind to cherish his memory.

Professional Career

Steven Gabaldon is a Physician Assistant practicing in San Tan Valley, Arizona at OrthoArizona and accepts multiple insurance plans. Additionally, he holds certification in Family Medicine.

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon has become one of the English language’s best-known authors, selling millions of copies worldwide. Unlike many genre authors, she never shies away from public appearances and attracts hundreds of fans — mostly women in their middle years — at her events.

Steve Gabaldon has built over 1,000 homes in Farmington, NM since 1990 with the SJ Gabaldon Construction and Realty Company which he owns and runs. Additionally, he is an active civic leader as a member of the New Mexico Construction Industries Commission as well as having two children, an adopted stepson, and one stepnephew of his own.

Achievement and Honors

Private First Class Gabaldon was recommended for the Medal of Honor by his commanding officer for convincing over 1,500 Japanese civilians and soldiers to surrender on Saipan during World War II. Nicknamed “The Pied Piper of Saipan,” Gabaldon used rifles, handguns and Japanese language skills to enter enemy caves, pillboxes and buildings with precision precision.

He persuaded some to surrender by promising food, water and medical care; others he persuaded through threats; he also encouraged their swift surrender – shortening the war and saving lives on both sides. After this war was over, he opened seafood businesses in Mexico and Saipan which are depicted in the 1960 film titled Hell to Eternity featuring Richard Eyer and Jeffrey Hunter; he died aged 80 in 2005.

Personal Life

Gabaldon not only writes but she also runs her own medical practice, OrthoArizona in San Tan Valley, Arizona. With years of training and experience under her belt, she provides patients with exceptional healthcare.

Outlander series author Diana Gabaldon was born in January 1952, and her expansive novels span time, space and genres to great reader satisfaction.

Gabaldon has also written a short story. Although only featuring glimpses of her beloved red-haired Scottish couple, it makes for a compelling piece of historical fiction.

Marine Pfc. Guy Louis Gabaldon performed a heroic act during World War II’s bloody Battle for Saipan by arresting or persuading over 1,300 enemy civilians and soldiers without firing a single shot – saving hundreds of Americans as well as over 1,000 enemy combatants from being slaughtered by their enemies. His courageous action saved over 1,000 lives that day alone!

Net Worth

Gabaldon’s books have garnered her a vast readership that spans multiple generations and genres, garnering her many honors such as a Quill Award and Corine International Fiction Prize. Following the release of Outlander: Season One on television, her fame further increased.

The nine-book series has enjoyed unprecedented global success and holds the all-time highest sales ranking for book series ever written. Additionally, Amazon ranks it as a top-20 bestseller and Goodreads has awarded it with an exceptional rating.

Gabaldon has written numerous nonfiction books, but she is best known for her Outlander series of novels and their subsequent television adaptation by Starz. Her net worth is estimated to be $5 Million; she was born January 11th 1952 in Arizona with both English and Mexican ancestry; studied Zoology at Northern Arizona University as a bachelor degree recipient before going on to earn a master of Marine Biology degree from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Steven Gabaldon
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