Steven Giuliani

Steven Giuliani

Giuliani made large fees as an international security consultant by peddling what may have been Russian disinformation – yet paid little heed to the fact that one of his collaborators, according to Treasury Department officials, had promoted anti-Biden propaganda in Ukraine.

Collaboration continued this week.

Early Life and Education

Giuliani’s inaugural budget sent shockwaves through New York’s political establishment with its radical fiscal conservatism. Giuliani quickly demonstrated his disdain for established orthodoxies through other means as well. For instance, when a city commission advised him to raise taxes to alleviate school system’s financial issues by raising taxes, he unceremoniously dumped its report into a garbage can!

Giuliani made history when he challenged Manhattan Borough President David Dinkins for mayor in 1989 on a law-and-order platform, narrowly losing to Dinkins but ultimately defeating him three more times – first in 1993, then 1997 and 1998 rematches. Additionally, he established two successful businesses – Sonicare toothbrushes became the fastest growing private company of 1997 while Clarisonic skin-care products became leading brands – while his family and many friends brought great pleasure. Giuliani dedicated himself tirelessly towards working toward building a sustainable and equitable world that would benefit all parties involved.

Professional Career

Steven Giuliani became known as America’s go-to crisis manager and turnaround specialist following September 11 terrorist attacks, stabilising New York City following these terrorist acts and fighting gangster crime. This reputation helped him cash in from various business ventures such as consulting, restructuring, real estate investments, law firms and more.

INSKEEP: Rudy Giuliani made headlines after joining New Yorker Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as an adviser and supporter in 2016. When Trump won, Giuliani became part of his legal team investigating Russian interference with the election process.

Giuliani had his New York law license suspended in June 2021 following an appeals court finding he made “clearly false and misleading” statements regarding voter fraud allegations, while Manhattan federal prosecutors are also conducting their own probe into his Ukraine dealings.

Achievement and Honors

Giuliani became a national figure due to his leadership during and following the 9/11 attacks. Many Americans who had witnessed his city decline greatly admired his no-nonsense management style and clear and direct speech style; many saw Giuliani as presidential material.

Giuliani eagerly anticipated returning to politics under Trump and desired the Secretary of State role, even teaming up with pro-Russia Ukrainian lawmakers who spread fake information about Hunter Biden there.

His failure to win was a bitter disappointment, yet he continued campaigning for Trump with hopes of returning to power and building up an audience who respected and sought out his advice and opinion.

Personal Life

Giuliani’s success against crime extended far beyond City Hall. His uncompromising approach helped address other civic problems as he changed government social policies away from encouraging dependency and towards reinforcing independence.

Post-9/11, Mayor Bloomberg became an international icon through his outstanding leadership during the aftermath of 9/11 attacks. He showed that America’s largest city could be effectively managed in times of crisis with his no-nonsense management style and clear speech; leading them through national trauma in an orderly fashion.

But what caused him to be so aligned with Donald Trump? In this four-part series, we explore all the ways career public servants may find themselves on the wrong side of history or law – and how they recover after such falls – surprising answers may emerge!

Net Worth

Giuliani became America’s mayor following his heroic response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, becoming a national hero and quickly transitioning from being known for arguing with squeegee men and jaywalkers into being seen as someone with strength, compassion, and resolve.

Giuliani has transformed his political experience into success as a paid public speaker and consultant; additionally he serves as President Trump’s attorney and cybersecurity adviser.

Giuliani has amassed millions as a public figure. He earns high speaking fees, book royalties and has substantial investments in healthcare companies like Royalty Pharma that collect revenue slices of blockbuster drugs such as Humira, Imbruvica and Lyrica. Furthermore, former mayor Giuliani owns half of a private security firm called Bracewell & Giuliani law firm as part owners.

Steven Giuliani
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