Steven Goldinger

Steven Goldinger

Professor Steven Goldinger of Arizona State University has taught courses on memory and language for over 13 years, gaining considerable attention for his groundbreaking research on episodic memory in top psychology journals.

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Early Life and Education

Stephen Goldinger is a professor in Arizona State University’s Department of Cognitive Science. His courses focus on memory, language, and cognitive processes for both undergraduate and graduate students. Furthermore, he is active as an experimental psychology researcher – having published numerous works in top tier journals.

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Professional Career

Goldinger has published extensively in top psychology journals about language and episodic memory, teaching courses on those topics to undergraduate and graduate students at Arizona State University over 13 years.

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Achievement and Honors

Steve Goldinger is an esteemed researcher in memory, language, and cognitive processes and has published his findings in leading psychology journals. Additionally, he has taught undergraduate and graduate level classes for 13 years at both undergraduate and graduate levels, giving him a unique understanding of effective teaching methodologies. A member of both Society of Experimental Psychologists and American Psychiatric Association Division 3 since 2003; currently holding the SUNY Downstate Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences as Chair Emeritus when his successor is selected by committee in 2017.

Personal Life

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Goldinger has taught at all levels from undergraduate to graduate for more than 13 years and his research on episodic memory and language processing has been featured in top psychology journals. Based in Tempe, Arizona – public records indicate he has been married twice – he belongs to the Society for Experimental Psychologists.

Steven Goldinger
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