Steven Harper

Steven Harper

Steven Harper specializes in workers’ compensation cases and has litigated before all the highest courts in Virginia in this regard.

He made his mark as a stand-up comedian and was featured in Spike Lee’s 2000 documentary, The Original Kings of Comedy. Later, he launched a long-running radio program and later hosted a daytime talk show.

Early Life and Education

Steven Harvey is an author and playwright who investigates the intersection between culture and metaphysics on daily life. His works often deal with spiritual beings who exist beyond our understanding, such as spirit creatures or mythical beings.

Harvey began his career in stand-up comedy, employing observational humor to entertain audiences. Over time, his popularity increased significantly and he was featured prominently in Spike Lee’s 2000 film, The Original Kings of Comedy.

His subsequent daytime talk shows included Family Feud, while he also established The Steve Harvey Foundation which provided mentoring services to fatherless youths.

He is an author and professor at Brigham Young University’s Church History & Doctrine Department, teaching courses such as Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Straight Talk No Chaser.

Professional Career

He has served as teacher, pastor, seminary administrator and author over the course of his long and distinguished career. In that capacity he authored multiple books and taught spiritual formation and Wesley studies for over 35 years to Christian divinity students.

He teaches Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University as well as serving as editor of The Joseph Smith Papers. Additionally, he writes extensively on music–in particular Anton Webern’s and Jean Sibelius’ compositions–for Indiana Theory Review, College Music Symposium and Sibelius Forum publications.

He was honored with the 2019 Keller Williams Eagle Award for his leadership, support, and great character towards his colleagues. He brings with him self-motivation, teamwork and dedication from his time spent serving in the Armed Forces to his Real Estate career.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Harvey first found success as a stand-up comedian before eventually landing the hosting role for Showtime at the Apollo, the famed variety show filmed in Harlem. While hosting, Harvey earned multiple Daytime Emmy Awards.

He is an experienced trial lawyer who specializes in class action, mass torts and personal injury litigation including toxic tort, products liability, asbestos exposure, environmental impact assessments and transportation litigation for Fortune 500 companies and small and mid-sized businesses alike. He has successfully secured multimillion-dollar settlements for these clients as well.

Steve is a published writer and frequent lecturer on trial advocacy topics, such as expert witness use. He lives with his wife in Phoenix where they spend much of their free time supporting their son’s baseball and Boy Scout accomplishments as well as traveling.

Personal Life

Steven Harvey has endured many setbacks in his personal life, ranging from marriage and divorce to a major lawsuit – yet has managed to remain steady within the industry despite these setbacks.

He serves as professor of Church history and doctrine at BYU, editor-in-chief of BYU Studies, and executive editor of The Wilford Woodruff Papers. His recent book Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the 1830s represents an outstanding contribution to Mormon historiography.

Stephen is an experienced attorney and has successfully represented clients before the highest court in Virginia for workers’ compensation cases, accident and disability claims as well as working on his car to prepare it for racing events in his free time.

Net Worth

Broderick Steven Harvey began as a stand-up comedian before quickly making a name for himself in show business as an influential voice. Through television shows and movies he has earned himself an immense fortune; three of his books became best sellers as well.

His 2009 book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man was turned into a 2012 film with great success, which increased his earnings significantly.

Steve Harvey has also ventured into business, founding Steve Harvey Global in 2017. This umbrella entity houses his production company East 112 as well as various ventures. Furthermore, he launched an African version of Family Feud and invested in HDNet; additionally he owns two luxurious 9,000 square foot mansions near Atlanta and Dallas.

Steven Harper
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