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Steven Harvey – Actor and Businessman

Timothy died of pulmonary embolism at age 35 due to exposure to asbestos dust. Timothy, an ex-policeman and longtime child safety activist, had expressed forgiveness towards Sean Poorman – the individual responsible for kidnapping Steven – prior to his passing.

Steven is an Internet icon who has made millions of edits on Wikipedia, helping transform seven industries and revolutionizing lives worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Steven is an actor who posts comedic videos to YouTube. In these clips, he takes on multiple characters – from himself to criticizing kids at lunch time and store managers on his Off Brand series.

He studied acting and dance at London’s Neighbourhood Playhouse and Regent’s University and has appeared in several films and television shows, while also becoming a professional dancer and musician. Specializing in comedy shows worldwide, his specialty lies with comedy writing; performing comedy shows across all continents in his free time while traveling extensively, reading widely, cooking exotic foods from across the globe, as well as being an animal rights activist and student activist.

Professional Career

Steven has taken to playing various characters in his comedic videos, such as Timmy’s allergic father who wears a blue T-shirt featuring sushi cat illustrations and can play piano by touching one key and cook minute rice in just 58 seconds! Additionally, Steven possesses other supernatural abilities including flying and shadow clone jutsu techniques – making his videos entertaining viewing.

Little Steven has written and produced over a dozen albums. Additionally, he hosts “Little Steven’s Underground Garage”, an internationally syndicated weekly radio program where he showcases music from all six decades.

He established Renegade Nation to oversee content creation, production and live events. Additionally, he starred, co-wrote, Executive Produced and Directed Netflix’s award winning TV series Lilyhammer; its inaugural original programming.

Achievement and Honors

Steven is an in-demand speaker, commanding entire auditoriums as he shares his story and opens dialogue about the cycle of violence that ravages so many lives today. Steven believes that love and forgiveness can break this vicious cycle.

As part of his experience at Icahn, he held both Chronic Care Senior Clinician and Gastrointestinal/Liver clinic teaching senior positions. Furthermore, he worked as a Research Assistant in both Drs Miriam Merad and Brian Brown’s laboratories.

Steven is also an accomplished comedy writer, appearing and co-producing the hit Canadian comedy show “The New Red Green Show”, alongside ex-Frantic Rick Green. It airs coast to coast in Canada and has won multiple CanPro awards; furthermore, its global syndicated version has received international syndication rights. To date he has written 72 episodes.

Personal Life

Steven frequently appears in his videos. In addition, he plays multiple other characters often exclusively for one video or series – such as playing President, an unsupportive schoolmate, and store manager from When Everything is Off Brand series.

Parnell convinced Steven to assume his name as Dennis Parnell and took him to school while pretending he was his biological father. Eventually he was caught and sentenced to three years of incarceration.

Steven returned home a changed man. Having experienced so much trauma, he found it impossible to cope with real life and dropped out of high school altogether; becoming predisposed to drinking and goofing off. Later he would marry and have two children of his own.

Net Worth

Steve Harvey has become well-known as both an accomplished singer, guitarist, and actor as well as an astute businessperson. He owns several businesses – from production companies to men’s suit lines – besides having his own successful television show and hosting various events.

Greer is an American traumatologist and ufologist who established CSETI and The Disclosure Project, which seek to expose suppressed UFO information. His estimated net worth is $20 Million.

He has made over three trades of Globe Life Inc stock over the past three months. Currently he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer, AIL Agency Division at American Income. In addition, he was one of the founders of Discovery Institute. Additionally he possesses an impressive resume as well as an active social media following.

Steven Harvey
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