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Who is Steven Ivankovich?

Ivankovich is also an accomplished blues guitarist, providing vocals and electric guitar for his band the Chicago Blues All-Stars as well as helping older local musicians navigate healthcare systems.

He has invested in multiple multifamily properties and is experienced with all aspects of property acquisition, development and financing. Additionally, he founded Alliance Holdings and Atlas Residential Management.

Early Life and Education

Steven Ivankovich has been linked to 35 different companies since 1984; all were formed within 24 years, the latest having been formed two years ago in 2021.

Ivankovich and Leslie Carwile-Ivankovich run OnePatient clinics at three of Chicago’s “safety net” hospitals, such as Methodist Hospital in Andersonville neighborhood. He treats musculoskeletal health disorders for which no payment is required to see patients regardless of ability.

Some of Ivankovich’s clients come from the blues scene he’s been part of since his early teens. Others need Carwile-Ivankovich’s biopsychosocial approach for care; she offers professional counseling as well as professional advice; she recently met someone whose childhood had been marred by sexual abuse that needed help from Carwile-Ivankovich.

Professional Career

As one of the founding members of Alliance Holdings and Atlas Holdings, he oversees all phases of property acquisition, development, financing and management including asset identification/evaluation/market assessment/contract negotiation/fund raising.

Integrity lies at the core of everything Ivankovich does – be it wielding a scalpel or playing blues tunes on his guitar. “My moral compass tells me if there is anything I can do to help people, I should,” he states.

Ivankovich and Carwile-Ivankovich operate OnePatient clinics at three of Chicago’s safety-net hospitals. Patients regardless of ability to pay can access these clinics that specialize in musculoskeletal health – with special attention given to spines and joints – as well as professional counseling sessions.

Achievement and Honors

After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Ivankovich collaborated with Team Rubicon USA to establish mobile forward-assist surgical teams and airlift and treat hundreds of Haitians injured by air. CNN Heroes honored him for this extraordinary achievement and featured him.

Ivankovich also runs three OnePatient Global Health Initiative clinics in Chicago that treat musculoskeletal health disorders regardless of ability to pay, providing services to over 100,000 Chicagoans – many victims of gun violence – over time.

Becker testified during the webinar that Ivankovich failed to keep his oral promise and failed to submit quarterly reports as stipulated by Crowd Street in their redemption agreement, presented and circulated to him; Ivankovich ultimately rejected this redemption agreement.

Personal Life

Ivankovich collaborated with Team Rubicon USA during the 2010 Haiti earthquake to set up mobile forward-assist surgical teams and treat hundreds of survivors who sustained severe spinal cord injuries, earning him recognition from Chicago magazine as their Public Citizen of the Year.

Ivankovich owns and manages an apartment community portfolio through his firm, Atlas Residential Management. He possesses extensive knowledge in all phases of property acquisition, development and financing.

Ivankovich has long been known as an avid guitar collector, collecting instruments made in Chicago such as National, Supro, Harmony and Silvertone guitars. Together with Karla Carwile he established OnePatient Global Health Initiative – a non-profit with three clinics around Chicago offering treatment regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Together they have six children living happily together in Glenview.

Net Worth

As of 2019, Steven Ivankovich is worth $2 Million. Together with his wife Karla, he runs three OnePatient Global Health Initiative clinics in Chicago where they treat musculoskeletal disorders regardless of patient ability to pay. They form part of an organization known as “Bone Squad,” comprised of primary care doctors and other medical professionals.

Ivankovich made public statements criticizing budget cuts at his hospital and supporting union organizing activities by physicians. In 2007, Ivankovich and two other doctors were laid off. After winning a wrongful termination settlement award from their former employers,

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Steven Ivankovich
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