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The Late Steven Laxton

Paul sits down with Joel Tock who boasts an extensive career in music. Joel has played with several bands as a musician before becoming a professional one himself.

Technical directors (TDs) play an essential role on sports broadcasting teams. Their job entails translating directors’ mental images into the seamless transitions from camera shot to camera shot, helping ensure smooth television broadcasting operations.

Early Life and Education

Laxton was born October 18, 1955 to Navy Officer parents, and moved often as part of their military careers. As such, he attended school in Morocco, Taiwan, Japan and finally the U.S.

Since moving to New York, he has focused on his photography career. His images have been featured in multiple prestigious publications, such as PDN and American Photo; moreover, his series about nomadic circus families in El Salvador won a POYi award in 2012.

Gunts notes that what set Laxton apart was his dedication to perfection. He would spend long hours crafting effects and other elements for shots even if their effects weren’t immediately obvious to the viewer. Laxton also displayed exceptional intuition when communicating with directors – often knowing exactly what the other one needed without ever needing to say so aloud.

Professional Career

Technical directors are critical players in any film’s production team, who help translate director vision into an enjoyable viewing experience for audiences. No one excelled at this more than Steve Laxton (deceased).

He began his career at WTSP Tampa Bay before transitioning to F&F Productions of Clearwater, Florida. For the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games he joined NBC Olympics, revolutionizing sports-production technology along the way.

Joel Tock and Steve Laxton share an undying passion for music and songwriting, playing alongside some recognizable names in their band’s history. Their goal is to release an album as well as continue performing live.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Laxton has received numerous honors during his career. In 2012 he won first place in POYi (Picture of the Year International) Feature Story category with his project about nomadic circus families in El Salvador, earned a PDN photo annual award, and his images were included in 2013 American Photography 29 collection.

Professionally, Laxton played an essential role in developing production switchers and helping Sony compete with Grass Valley’s product offerings. He was known for his outstanding dedication and communication with directors such as Bucky Gunts.

Laxton was also an invaluable teacher, often sharing his knowledge with younger TDs. Additionally, Laxton wrote and published his own book on production design in 2005 – before succumbing to a fatal heart attack on Dec 2, 2005.

Personal Life

Steven Laxton is an associate in our Dallas office and practices patent litigation across a range of technological areas such as electrical, mechanical and software-based technologies. Additionally, he served as Magistrate Judge Roy S. Payne’s judicial clerk in the Eastern District of Texas.

Technical Directors (TDs) depend on solid communication between themselves and directors to achieve optimal results on air. Gunts remembers his first collaboration with Laxton at F&F Productions on NBC’s late night coverage of the Seoul Olympics in 1988: instantly connecting over their shared love of sports; Laxton’s perfectionism inspired him to spend long hours creating effects which only would be appreciated by him and Gunts; this kind of work made Gunts proud to be a technical director.

Net Worth

Steven Laxton is a Litigation Associate in our Dallas Office and has vast experience representing clients from numerous industries including retail, oil and gas, automotive, financial services and patent law matters.

Mr. Fennell holds both Bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees in electrical engineering, as well as serving as Magistrate Judge Roy S. Payne’s judicial clerk in the Eastern District of Texas.

Robert Laxton is married and has one daughter. An avid cyclist, he enjoys cycling while spending time with his family. With an estimated net worth of $12 Million he shares his mother with Todd Laxton whom he also shares a net worth with. Additionally he participates in several charity projects. Born October 18, 1955.

Steven Laxton
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