Steven Leitzell

Steven Leitzell

Steven Leitzell is an attorney specializing in domestic and cross-border mergers, securities offerings, financings and public company reporting and governance issues. Additionally, he advises private equity sponsors with their portfolio companies.

Police believe the incident began at an after-prom party hosted by this couple.

Early Life and Education

Steven Leitzell is a former Scottsdale fire department captain who was arrested Sunday for allegedly pointing guns at teenagers during an after-prom party at his house. According to police documents, Leitzell allowed teenagers to gather at his house, served them alcohol, and became upset when his daughter reported having had sexual contact with a teenage boy at one point during the evening – after which Leitzell became angry and pointed a gun directly at them according to documents.

Police arrived to find Leitzell’s white pickup truck parked in his garage. When they attempted to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to leave, he ignored their attempts and began walking away, eventually coming back into his residence a second time before again returning outside for more cigarettes and alcohol – prompting police to use “hands-on” force against him, according to documents filed at court.

Professional Career

Steven Leitzell is an experienced corporate attorney and legal advisor to both public and private companies and their boards on domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, financings and related governance matters. His client roster ranges from publicly held corporations and their boards, private equity sponsors with portfolio companies as well as their portfolio companies.

Police report that he and Emily allowed teenagers to gather at their home for an afterparty for prom night, where his daughter did not return as promised. When this occurred, he allegedly pointed a firearm at the teens gathered there demanding answers as to where she could be found.

As soon as police arrived, he refused to leave and instead entered back into his house where force had to be used in order to detain him. Ultimately he was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct with a weapon and aggravated assault and arrested on these charges.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Leitzell has won two TrustLaw Pro Bono Awards. He currently sits on the boards of Esusu Financial Inc and Grayson School and was honored as one of their 2022 GROW Honorees for his pro bono work with them. Additionally, Steven serves on The Center for Community Solutions board as director and serves on Arizona Business Council as chair for their Policy Committee and co-chair for Public Affairs Committee – two roles he holds with each organization. In May 2021 Steven was arrested after allegedly pointing weapons at police during an after prom party event.

Personal Life

Steven Leitzell currently lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife Emily. A former captain with the Scottsdale Fire Department, Steven was arrested in 2021 for pointing weapons at teenagers at an after-prom party at their house, according to court records.

His and his wife allegedly allowed teens to gather at their home for the party, where there was alcohol, but when their daughter did not return after several hours had elapsed, Leitzell is said to have pointed a gun at them and demanded they tell him where she was.

He reportedly struggled with officers, pushing one in the chest and repeatedly kicking another officer before eventually being tased and taken into custody; later charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault, both class 3 felonies.

Steven Leitzell
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