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Blake Cain’s Murderer Receives Life in Prison Plus 80 Years

After an intensive trial, 23-year-old Steven Mantecon was sentenced for shooting and killing Blake Cain in 2020. Mantecon will serve life plus 80 years behind bars.

Police report that Mantecon and Cain engaged in an intense verbal dispute earlier in the day and agreed to meet at Thomas Porter Park to fight each other. When they arrived, however, an argument broke out once more before Mantecon left again only to come back 10-15 minutes later with a semi automatic rifle and open fire on Cain.

Early Life and Education

On Tuesday afternoon in Jackson County Courtroom in Marianna, Florida, Steven Mantecon (23 years old), who is facing second degree murder and two counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle charges received his fateful sentence from Judge Ana Maria Garcia. Mantecon will serve life imprisonment with no chance for parole.

Mantecon was found guilty in the August 8, 2020 killing of Cain in Porter Park on August 8th. Witness testimony revealed that Mantecon and Cain had engaged in an argument over Snapchat before agreeing to meet for a fight at Porter Park.

Mantecon then left, only to return 10-15 minutes later in his pickup truck and open fire with a semi-automatic rifle from approximately 10 yards, striking Cain with one bullet. All shots fired hit not only Cain but other victims as well.

Professional Career

Steven Mantecon has been employed with Jackson County since 2016 as a police officer.

Mantecon was arrested in 2020 after opening fire at Porter Park in Grand Ridge. Mantecon and the victim had been having an ongoing argument regarding Snapchat, and they agreed to meet at Porter Park to resolve it face-to-face. Witnesses saw Mantecon arrive with his truck, argue with the victim briefly before leaving again with a semiautomatic rifle 10-20 minutes later.

Mantecon was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2022 and given life imprisonment with an additional 80 consecutive year sentence for additional charges, such as firing at multiple occupied vehicles. To find phone numbers, full names, addresses, relatives public records and more.

Achievement and Honors

After a three-day trial, Jackson County circuit court judge Ana Maria Garcia sentenced Steven Mantecon to life imprisonment for second-degree murder for shooting 18-year-old Blake Cain at Thomas Porter Park in Grand Ridge in 2020. Mantecon had opened fire into a crowd after engaging in an altercation with Cain.

Mantecon has proven himself an exceptional actor despite having a lower IQ. He performed admirably as a general in the army, winning many awards and honors for his efforts.

Fox network producer Paul Scheuring cast him for the role of Lincoln Burrows, an army general in 2004. His performance quickly became popular among viewers and critics alike; garnering both critical acclaim.

Personal Life

Steven Mantecon, 24, hailing from Grand Ridge was found guilty of second-degree murder, two counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle and 10 other counts of aggravated assault with a firearm for shooting Blake Allen Cain to death at a park in 2020.

Witnesses reported that Mantecon and Cain became engaged in an altercation and decided to meet at Porter Park for an exchange of words, where Mantecon then appeared with a gun in hand and opened fire upon the crowd; three bullets struck Cain directly while many more shots hit vehicles nearby.

Mantecon was sentenced to life imprisonment. He will serve a minimum of 25 years on his first count and 80 consecutive years for any subsequent charges.

Net Worth

He currently resides at 7929 Shady Grove Rd in Grand Ridge, Florida and boasts a net worth of $7 Million. Additionally, he is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

He appeared as Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield’s brother. Additionally, he played Tommy Ravetto in Gorace Hawaje series; being cast only days prior to production starting.

He had an in-depth knowledge of his character and was willing to dedicate months of work on it, in addition to being happy with the script and creating an incredible character in a hit series that received worldwide acclaim – earning multiple awards along the way and cementing him a star role within Hollywood’s industry.

steven mantecon
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