Steven Miga

The Life of Steven Miga

Miga notes the main change since 1996 is that, previously, anyone interested in real estate listings had to visit an agent’s office. Now everyone can search online and she loves this aspect of her job the most.

She and records custodian Jeanne Amodeo oppose Landmark’s use of their deposition testimony because they were never given an opportunity to review the transcripts prior to being used in court proceedings.

Early Life and Education

Steven Miga was born in Dunkirk, N.Y. and graduated from Dunkirk High School and Fredonia State University. He was married for 27 years to Deborah Price and fathered two children – a son and a daughter – as well as several nieces and nephews.

Miga sent Jensen a fax stating his intent to resign. They met, and Jensen presented a termination agreement.

This lawsuit was settled for more than $18 million, including breach of contract and fraud damages as well as punitive damages against Jensen who denied wrongdoing but nonetheless received much media attention and led to reforms within business world.

Personal Life

Miga has always placed great value in her family and Coachella is no different this year; she can’t wait to celebrate Coachella weekend with them all and see Boygenius perform! She plans on finding a place on the barricade where she can cheer their lyrics loud and proud!

Skeamo, hailing from Valencia, combines various artistic endeavors into his art; acting alongside string quartets to collecting Moleskine notebooks are among them. Through [Miga42], he provides a powerful soundscape where downtempo meets jazz while glitch and trip hop are fused. Piano takes center stage as the protagonist here evoking personal universes for this intimate production.

Net Worth

Jensen hired Miga to lead Matrix Telecom, a long-distance telephone company. Miga received both a salary and ownership interest of 6% in Matrix Telecom; when Matrix Telecom became wholly owned subsidiary of Matrix Communications two years later, Jensen converted Miga’s share into an ownership share of 4.8% for both entities. Miga introduced Jensen to Pacific Gateway Exchange (PGE), an early stage firm handling international calls on behalf of other long-distance phone companies.

Jensen granted himself options identical to those he granted Miga and executed these options, which has resulted in enormous stock appreciation over time. Limiting Miga’s recovery to its stock price on breach date would unfairly reward Jensen’s fraud while undercutting Miga’s claim of loss.

Steven Miga
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