Steven Mohan

Steven Mohan

Steven Mohan has over 15 years of experience designing steel, concrete and light gauge structures for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Additionally, he is highly knowledgeable regarding construction defect litigation cases.

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Early Life and Education

Mohan traveled extensively through India and Bengal in his early years, honing multiple languages such as English, Arabic and Persian in Madrasas as well as Sanskrit for Hindu scriptures such as Vedas and Upanishads.

Mohan began his career at Accenture before transitioning to Net Gravity – an Internet advertising company later acquired by DoubleClick – where he helped to develop the technology behind their exchange, core ad technology situations, and extensive ad network.

Mohan attracted widespread acclaim when he became CEO of YouTube on February 16, 2023, replacing Susan Wojcicki. Known for his strong leadership and purpose-driven approach to tackling problems in uncharted waters, Mohan is also an accomplished author – having published scores of short stories in markets like INTERZONE, POLYPHONY and DAW original anthologies.

Professional Career

Stephen has been an integral member of WJM Engineering since its formation. As Practice Manager of its engineering consulting practice, he oversees strategy, marketing, finance, human resources and operations responsibilities of this business unit. Furthermore, he has evaluated and implemented advanced technological systems which enhance WJM Engineering internal processes as well as client deliverables.

He brings over 15 years of design experience in designing steel, reinforced concrete, light gauge steel framed structures, light gauge wood structures and wood framed structures for commercial, industrial and institutional projects. He has worked on new buildings as well as renovation and rehabilitation of existing structures – making him an active member of both DVASE and ASCE.

He has lectured on structural integrity and cost estimation issues. Additionally, he holds certification as a project management professional as well as being a graduate of both certificate and MBI programs offered at DMICE.

Achievement and Honors

Berkeley Lab recognizes his outstanding achievements and contributions to science projects involving plant genetic engineering, crop synbiosis and sustainable food. Furthermore, for his steadfast dedication towards building a diverse and inclusive workplace. For his outstanding leadership qualities and tireless pursuit of complex, challenging scientific goals.

Steven Mohan has professionally published over half a million words of military science fiction, such as A BONFIRE OF WORLDS by BattleTech author R.V. Jones. Additionally, his short stories have appeared in markets as diverse as Interzone, Polyphony and Paradox anthologies as well as winning honorable mention in THE YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION anthologies. Living with his wife and son in the Pacific Northwest, Steven’s tales feature gentle humor as well as the joy of family relationships.

Personal Life

Steven lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife Barbra and their son Jasper, all survivors of retinoblastoma – an aggressive eye cancer diagnosed at two that nearly took Steven’s sight despite his battle to remain independent and live a fulfilling life full of incredible experiences.

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Net Worth

Steven Spielberg has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $10.5 billion thanks to his incredible film career and its box office successes, with movie fees, income from other sources, and personal earnings all helping contribute.

He currently resides in Los Angeles and owns a luxury mansion estimated to be worth an estimated value of 37 Million USD. This lavish estate includes state-of-the-art gym facilities, a swimming pool and much more.

John has an affinity for luxury cars from top brands like Porsche and Hummer in his collection, while serving as YouTube’s fourth and current CEO. Additionally, he had worked previously for Google’s Double Click company (an ad network) as well as Twitter; when Twitter offered him employment they offered to pay him $100 Million as an inducement to remain with Google instead of going elsewhere.

Steven Mohan
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