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Bilingual Attorneys – Steven Montalvo and Cecilia Montalvo

NextHome benefits from having Steve and Cecilia Montalvo bring their years of sales and homebuilding expertise. Both Steve and Cecilia speak fluent Spanish, providing additional support to bilingual clients.

Christopher Otero-Rivera and Angel Rivera were sentenced on Wednesday for the 2019 murder of Nicole Montalvo. Additionally, 15 and five year sentences were handed down respectively for abuse of human body and tampering with evidence.

Early Life and Education

Steven Montalvo is an attorney working at Stephen J. Montalvo, APC who specializes in Family Law cases. He earned his law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law and has been practicing since 1985.

Montalvo hails from Texas. After attending a premier undergraduate university and medical school both located in California, he worked at Stanford’s Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital to gain experience caring for medically complex patients.

He currently resides in Manor, Texas with his wife and two sons, where he is active in his community by serving on various boards and committees as well as participating in charitable work. Caucho Technology Inc is his current company where he acts as CEO; they currently employ around 66 people.

Professional Career

Dr. Charles Sheehan was a pediatrician specializing in caring for medically complex children, earning his medical degree at Stanford’s Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital before making Dallas home for over 10 years.

He brings extensive expertise in engagement-driven social media marketing strategy and content creation for both large and small businesses, to help them meet their goals.

PeaceHealth employs him as its Vice President for Information Systems Technology Governance. He holds a Bachelor’s of Chemistry from Portland State University and Project Management Institute certification training. A proven leader, with strong leadership abilities dedicated to developing high performing teams, he’s known for being an innovative thinker that embraces collaboration and has strong collaborative abilities.

Achievement and Honors

Montalvo lives and breathes higher education as Vice President of Post University’s Online Education Institute, leading teams responsible for admissions, financial aid counseling and academic advising/retention for degree-seeking accelerated online students.

She oversees student support services, library/information technology services and research. In recognition of her accomplishments she was awarded multiple awards and grants including the Cynthia Kagarise Sherman Award for an exceptional undergraduate honors thesis.

Mentor to undergraduate and graduate students alike, she also teaches acting and singing at R.Evolucion Latina. In 2016, she established the Doreen Montalvo Scholarship to support artists pursuing their artistic dreams regardless of age – named in memory of Broadway actress Doreen Montalvo who appeared in In the Heights and Mrs. Doubtfire starring roles. Christopher Otero-Rivera and his father Angel Rivera were found guilty in court for second degree murder, tampering with evidence, dismemberment of Nicole Montalvo who disappeared at 9.

Personal Life

Steven Montalvo is a trusted attorney with strong moral principles who will always advise his clients what is right and wrong while working tirelessly for an equitable settlement agreement for his client.

On Wednesday, two men were sentenced for the 2019 murder of Osceola County mother Nicole Montalvo. Christopher Otero-Rivera and Angel Rivera were found guilty of second-degree murder, abuse of dead human body abuse and tampering with physical evidence.

Members of Nicole’s family took to the witness stand during her trial to give victim impact statements, discussing her death’s pain and suffering; one brother stated it feels as if part of them has died along with her and asked that both defendants receive life sentences without parole.

Net Worth

At 28 years old, Montalvo has established herself as an outstanding television artist. Through captivating performances in movies and television shows, she has amassed an impressive net worth that allows her to travel extensively while owning designer clothes.

Dani Montalvo boasts an amazingly beautiful presence and boasts an impeccable figure that fits her role as an actress. At 5 feet and 4 inches with slim body proportions and boasting naturally brown locks to accent her beauty, Dani stands tall as 5th place actress of “Hatchet II.”

Montalvo remains fairly private about her personal life and does not share much information with fans or followers, though she does boast an Instagram account with over 2.5k followers. Based on appearances alone, the actor seems to enjoy both work and life with family and friends.

Steven Montalvo
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