Steven Moody

Steven Moody – A Lifelong Lover of History and Politics

Steven Moody is an American Lawyer and Partner at Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee who specializes in Personal Injury and Business Litigation cases. Additionally, he holds memberships at both Waco-McLennan County Bar Association and State Bar of Texas.

He was an avid learner, enjoying engaging dialogues with all types of people. He will be dearly missed.

Early Life and Education

Steve Moody was a dedicated husband and father. He enjoyed spending time with his daughter as well as reading. Additionally, Steve enjoyed political discussions as well as art discussions; additionally he was an accomplished cook.

Moody graduated from Mercer University with a BS degree, as well as Ambassador College where he obtained a master’s. As a member of the Church of God he acted as an evangelist.

He has served as chaplain at both Deer Lodge State Prison and Helena VA Hospital. Additionally, he pastored congregations in Bowling Green Kentucky and Texas before writing multiple books. Additionally, he enjoys reading, political discourse and following both Red Sox and Celtics teams as an avid lifelong learner searching for meaning in life.

Professional Career

Steve Moody is internationally-acclaimed in the hair industry and an esteemed educator. He is responsible for opening numerous Vidal Sassoon schools and academies worldwide and continues to travel and inspire with his expert cutting and styling techniques.

In 1991, Moody and Calvin Doby murdered Stephen Hall in his own home after they entered it intending to rob him; when Hall offered resistance they used a shotgun blast against his chest to kill him instead.

Moody challenged his conviction and sentence of death on appeal, alleging that the trial court had made a procedural error by not permitting him to challenge the state’s exclusion of black panelist from jury service on race-based grounds.

Achievement and Honors

He had an immense passion for reading and history, while discovering its meaning. He had an exquisite sense of humor, making every conversation lively and fulfilling.

He is a highly-respected attorney, having received the AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. His mediation services have saved many litigants time, money and the stress involved with lengthy contested litigation cases.

He attended High School in Blackshear, Georgia from 1967-1970 where he graduated as President of his Senior Class and Captain of both basketball and football teams, setting an all-time rebounding record that still stands today. Later he earned a bachelor’s degree at Mercer University in Macon before volunteering in various community service positions while being an active member of the Church of Christ.

Personal Life

Steven Moody was an attentive family man who always found time for friends and loved ones. An avid reader and life-long learner, Steven was particularly fond of engaging in meaningful discussions with others while remaining knowledgeable in both history and politics.

He had an intense passion for video games, mastering them quickly. Always eager to gain new skills, he would often astonish his friends with his abilities.

After graduating from Ambassador College, Steve Moody found employment as an assistant teacher in a school until being chosen as a ministerial trainee. Later attending University of Southern California for graduate work in clinical social work specializing in families and relationships, Moody began practicing law.

Net Worth

Stephen has made more than 15 trades of Moodys stock since 2020 according to Form 4 insider trading records, and currently owns at least 6,024 units worth over $2 Million dollars.

He has played in multiple bands including Motograter and Ghost Machine, as well as having multiple hit songs with Five Finger Death Punch.

Steve loves working for FOX10 Mobile, where he hopes to bring engaging local news each week to viewers. Growing up watching local news himself, he finds great joy in being able to bring our community stories directly from him!

He loves spending his free time at Lake Texoma with his family and collecting coins and military memorabilia. Deanna, his wife, is the mother of their two sons.

Steven Moody
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