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Paula Morand is a Captivating Speaker

Paula Morand is an engaging speaker who delights audiences with her humor and wisdom. As a certified speaking professional, she is known to deliver high-impact keynote presentations focusing on leadership development and revenue expansion.

Dr. Morand’s practice can be found at 3601 Hempstead Tpke (Farmingdale Psychotherapy & Counseling Clinic Suite 205) Levittown, NY 11756-1375 and welcomes new patients.

Early Life and Education

Steven Morand was born in Detroit, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan for his doctorate in psychology. Now living in Levittown New York he works for New Bridge Employees Assistance Services as a counselor. Highly-rated with an outstanding track record he accepts various insurance plans.

He has over two decades of experience working as a counselor, serving as an LMHC and licensed to practice in New York State. Additionally, he is an accomplished writer; having written numerous short stories and novels including Desert featuring Lalla who finds herself cut off from both culture and homeland; this novella earned the Grand Prix Paul Morand from French Academy in 1980.

Professional Career

Morand has led various groups, such as the Bandwagon and Imani Winds. Additionally, he played piano in Charles Lloyd’s New Quartet and led a Fats Waller dance party at Monterey Jazz Festival before performing as part of a one-piano duo duo alongside Robert Glasper.

As a speaker, Paula is engaging and funny. Using her experiences to inspire and empower her audience members, her insights help them see life differently and find confidence-inducing tools. Paula is a Certified Speaking Professional who delivers leadership-building, revenue-boosting and strategy expanding keynote presentations – she brings passion into each presentation that connects her audiences to her, trust her advice and gain knowledge from her wisdom.

Achievement and Honors

Hector has long had an interest in professional wrestling and has amassed an extensive collection of memorabilia since childhood, dubbing it “The Greatest Wrestling Collection”. According to Hector, this collection holds more meaning for him than anything else in his life.

He also takes an avid interest in jazz music and has worked alongside legendary artists like Charles Lloyd. Additionally, he recorded one album and two live ones with the group as well as regularly performing at events throughout New York.

Hector Morand has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions during his career, such as Brock University’s Distinguished Alumni Award and New England Classical Music Teachers Association’s Hall of Fame membership. Additionally, local communities have recognized him with multiple honors.

Personal Life

Morand has amassed an amazing collection of wrestling memorabilia spanning 2,000 square feet in his home – so much that he was featured on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures program for his astounding display.

He enjoys music and has performed at several notable venues such as Songwriters’ Symposium and SWERFA, Winterfolk Kingsville Festivals and other local music events.

He enjoys reading and watching sports; particularly the Toronto Maple Leafs. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in spending time with his family; his wife is a psychologist; they have two children together; she hails from Quebec in Canada where she holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Counseling as well as being licensed counselor at New Bridge Employees Assistance Services.

Net Worth

Steve Morand of Detroit is a collector who specializes in professional wrestling memorabilia. Once set for demolition, his home now serves as an incredible museum he refers to as his Greatest Wrestling Collection or GWC for short. FOX 2’s Ryan Ermanni was amazed by all of its treasures; items including unique items like “Macho Man” in-ring worn robes and shades as well as actual WWE championship belts were just among many treasures within its walls.

Stephen Morand is only one of 20 Americans sharing this moniker; most reside in Michigan but there are also quite a few living in Australia and England. All have accomplished much success; the rest of us can only wish them well!

steven morand
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