Steven Mungo

Steven Mungo, Home Builder, is a Philanthropist

Steven Mungo has long been an active member of the Home Builders Association. Additionally, he served on both Charleston Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors as well as Synovus and Wofford College boards of trustees.

Mungo Companies was established in 1954 and offers their construction services across South Carolina markets. Recently they were purchased by Clayton Properties Group a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Early Life and Education

As an undergraduate, Mungo immersed himself in the vibrant 1960s counterculture by participating in student revolts, Black Power activities, resistance to war protests and communal living experiments. He published two notable memoirs during this period: Famous Long Ago: My Life and Hard Times with Liberation News Service (1970) and Total Loss Farm – an inside look into Montague-Packer Corners commune life from 1969.

Michael Mungo established a drywall business to cover his college tuition fees, eventually expanding it into South Carolina’s largest home construction firm. Now run by his two sons Stewart and Steven, the firm builds predominantly outside Columbia in Richland and Lexington counties and has had an enormous effect on growth there. Mungo believed in investing the profits back into his community; through his foundation he gives millions annually towards aiding those in need.

Professional Career

Mungo Homes, a family-owned company located in South Carolina’s midlands region, was founded by brothers Stewart and Steven Mungo as an entrepreneurial endeavor in 1994. Stewart serves as principal of Mungo, while son Steven serves as vice-principal. Mungo is committed to giving back to its community that has contributed so much to its success; supporting civic boards, philanthropic efforts, animal shelters, human needs organizations such as Oliver Gospel Mission, Harvest Hope Food Bank, Pawmetto Lifeline Animal Shelter and EdVenture Children’s Museum among many others.

He enjoyed a successful season, including pitching a four-inning shutout against Philadelphia Phillies on September 29 – giving the Dodgers their first sweep of the season – but arm problems soon returned and manager Burleigh Grimes, suspicious of soreness claims, pulled him from starting rotation; never fully recovering his form, he would win only two more games that year.

Achievement and Honors

Stewart Mungo began his new construction career at an early age, helping his father with their family business. Over time, this venture grew and transformed, becoming a leader in land development and home building. Recently, America’s Best Builder named Stewart Mungo America’s Best Builder 2012! This accolade recognizes excellence in finance and operations, design/construction quality control processes, customer service/quality aspects as well as community/industry service and marketing practices.

Mungo Homes was honored with the 2008 National Housing Quality Award as South Carolina’s sole builder to achieve this honor. Additionally, Mungo Homes is widely known for their hauSmart program that has made homes healthier and more cost-effective by including energy-saving features in them.

Stewart and Steven Mungo understand the responsibilities that come with success, which is why they have been active members in many civic and philanthropic boards and committees, such as Harvest Hope Food Bank, Columbia Free Medical Center, Pawmetto Lifeline and EdVenture Children’s Museum.

Personal Life

Michael Mungo started a drywall company to pay for college tuition, and has grown it into one of the leading home construction firms. Now run by Stewart and Steven Mungo as his successors.

The family believes that with success comes responsibility to give back to the communities which supported their rise to success. They actively participate in civic boards and philanthropic committees.

Maria and Steven Mungo contribute to the college through the Maria and Steven Mungo World Experience Fund, an endowed fund that allows financially needy students to access study abroad programs. Their children Emily and Ward participated in this fund during Interims to broaden their world view. For many students, however, the cost of airfare or travel expenses is an impediment to studying abroad opportunities.

Net Worth

Though he does not disclose his net worth, Mungo is widely renowned for being a generous philanthropist who has actively taken part in civic boards and philanthropic committees. Additionally, he serves on the boards of Charleston Chamber of Commerce, Synovus State Bank and Wofford College.

His family-run company specializes in land development and home building. Additionally, they own and operate several restaurants – such as Sal’s Ol’ Timey Feed and Seed.

Mungo Homes was sold to Clayton Properties Group of Tennessee, a Berkshire Hathaway company, in 2018. Mungo still plays an active role within Clayton Properties Group; his son Steven Mungo runs homebuilding operations. Steven was honored as Builder of the Year by both HBASC and HBA of Greater Columbia before becoming a Certified Master Builder.

Steven Mungo
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