Steven nodine

Stephen Nodine

Nodine became the prime suspect after Downs was killed. Neighbors said they saw his red truck leave her subdivision and heard a gunshot before Nodine returned later with guns drawn.

Nodine promptly resigned his position with Mobile County and surrendered himself to Baldwin County authorities shortly after Mother’s Day’s shooting, alleging violation of an obscure federal statute by using his county issued truck to transport personal items including weapons.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Nodine is married and the proud parent of one son. Additionally, he has been actively involved with charities and Republican politics in Palm Beach County.

After Angel Downs was found shot to death in her driveway by someone she suspected to be her alleged lover, Kevin Boyce found himself under scrutiny as investigators closely examined all available circumstantial evidence and witnesses, such as her hair’s appearance having been styled into a halo shape by an unknown individual.

Prosecutor Judy Newcomb acknowledged she lacked any physical evidence connecting Nodine with Downs’ death; however, she believed they could prove his stalking her both online and physically as well as how her body had ended up in her car.

Professional Career

Nodine had become something of a celebrity figure in southern Alabama after rising through the ranks from city councilman to county commissioner, writes Quin Hillyer. A popular and larger-than-life figure, Nodine was on track to becoming mayor of Mobile in Alabama.

Nodine found himself embroiled in controversy when Angel Downs, a female state employee, killed herself by overdosing on pain pills. Prosecutors claimed he drove Angel to take this drastic measure while setting up the scene so it appeared like murder-suicide.

Nodine was charged with stalking and murder during his trial, which concluded with a hung jury, yet he was found guilty on a misdemeanor ethics violation charge. Since his conviction he has openly discussed his side of the story on network television shows like Oxygen’s Accident Suicide or Murder (ABSM) program – only agreeing to participate once producers assured him he could tell it from his perspective.

Personal Life

Steven Nodine has found himself in something of an uncertain personal situation following his jail sentence for the death of his former mistress. Since being locked up, Nodine has not entered into a serious relationship and no plans exist for future relationships to form with other people.

Angel Downs was found dead in her driveway on May 30, 2010, appearing to have taken her own life; however, Nodine was charged in her ex-husband’s statement as being responsible.

Nodine Downs was released without being charged with murder because her then District Attorney did not have enough evidence. But Nodine’s family believes Nodine got away easily.

Nodine was released from jail on Oct. 13, having completed two of a four-year term for perjury, harassment, and an ethics violation. He will now remain under probationary status until 2017. At his release press conference he did not reveal much information, except to acknowledge his partial responsibility in Downs’ death.

Net Worth

Stephen Nodine is an American businessman and entrepreneur. His fortune was earned through economic development/site development/ TIF/ BID district development through SDN Consulting. According to estimates in 2018, his estimated net worth is $500k.

His luck, however, changed abruptly when Nodine’s mistress’s murder became the subject of a murder investigation. Nodine denied these allegations and claimed her death as suicide.

He once held positions such as President of Mobile County Commission and City Councilman before his political career was derailed after being accused of shooting his mistress.

Nodine and Kimberlee divorced shortly after his release from prison and since then he has avoided publicity while trying to maintain privacy with regards to his personal life.

Steven nodine
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