Steven Porcelli

Steven Porcelli

Steven Porcelli, MD has over three decades of experience practicing internal medicine in Bronx, NY since graduating from Yale University in 1984.

He is working closely with other Einstein scientists in developing a more potency TB vaccine. Their research has enabled them to generate strains of bacteria which cannot grow without specific metabolites for sustenance.

Early Life and Education

Steven Porcelli made his mark as a high school coach at Catholic Central, leading his teams to multiple division championships over eight seasons. Subsequently he transitioned to Niskayuna where he led their boys varsity lacrosse team to four sectional titles under his guidance.

Porcelli studies the invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells that respond to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. He and his colleagues have discovered that natural molecules called glycolipids can selectively activate iNKT cells while synthetic versions such as alpha-galactosylceramides further boost this response.

Steven Pelleti is an active researcher in immunology. He has published over 230 peer-reviewed publications.

Professional Career

Bocelli has released fifteen studio albums throughout his career. Cinema, his most recent offering released on 23 October 2015, contains renditions of iconic film soundtracks and scores; its tracks were performed prominently on Jay Leno Show holiday specials as well.

He has also produced music for films. His compositions can be heard in TV shows such as The X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost.

Dr. Steven Porcelli has over 38 years of experience practicing Internal Medicine, after graduating from Yale University in 1984. His practice can be found at 1400 Pelham Pkwy S in Bronx, NY where they accept multiple insurance plans as well as multiple board certifications in Internal Medicine through Optum Medical Care New Jersey P.C.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Porcelli has earned numerous honors and awards throughout his career, such as membership to the American Academy of Microbiology and authoring over 230 articles in his field. Additionally, he serves as Chair of Microbiology and Immunology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx.

His research interests lie in understanding the regulation of acquired immune responses by T cells – master regulatory and effector cells for host defense and immune tolerance. His laboratory is particularly fascinated by CD1d-restricted natural killer T (NKT) cells.

Scientists rely on his work to produce the most effective BCG vaccine possible and advance cancer and Mycobacterium tuberculosis research. At Duly Health and Care he also practices medicine; treating patients suffering from COPD, acute lung injury, adult asthma and sleep disorders.

Personal Life

Porcelli is a committed family man and avid Red Sox fan. Additionally, he holds strong principles regarding social justice and serves as a human rights advocate for those with developmental disabilities fighting to include them into society and provide better lives. Working in sheltered workshops as well as co-founding the North Providence Developmental Disabilities Support Consortium are just a few areas in which he excels.

He is an acclaimed researcher in NKT cell biology, having published more than 230 articles. In 2014 he was appointed to Akeso Therapeutics’ Scientific Advisory Board – a stealth biotech company which develops engineered allogeneic NKT cell therapies for cancer patients – serving on its scientific advisory board and earning him membership to American Academy of Microbiology as a fellow. YALE University awarded him its honorary doctorate degree.

Net Worth

He staged a series of concerts across the US, including performances at both the Statue of Liberty and on Central Park’s Great Lawn that was broadcast as a PBS special. Additionally, his album of exclusively sacred music Sacred Arias became number one in Classic Billboard charts.

He made additional appearances on The Jay Leno Show with Katharine McPhee as part of a duet, Larry King Live and Fox & Friends holiday specials, and on Fox & Friends holiday-specials.

In December, he performed Adeste Fideles at the 83rd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and on The Today Show. Additionally, he participated in Children in Need Rocks Manchester benefit concert as a guest performer as well as being interviewed on Alan Titchmarsh Show by Alan. Furthermore, he collaborated with Laura Pausini in their 2007 Latin Grammy Awards performance of Vivere together.

Steven Porcelli
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